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Rishav's Assignment page

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 My Book Review:





Book Review On Mockingjay


When I read this book I was curious. These types of questions came to my mind. Why is this the last book of the series? Why is the book called Mockingjay? I did find out eventually what the book was about and the plot became clear to me once I read the book. The book did take a serpentine path coming to exciting cliff- hangers and bland dialogues. But overall it was a good book, a little complex and hard to understand, but all in all a decent book.

    The book takes off with a start when it mentions Peeta, Katniss’s companion in the hunger games was captured by the capitol. Uprisings are starting against the capitol ( The control center for all of the country of Panem; gets supplies from remaining 12 districts). Everyone is looking up to Katniss to lead the rebellion. Katniss must become the rebels’ mockingjay in order to lead the rebellion and attempt to take over the capitol.

Katniss decides to visit the 12 districts to influence the injured, to discover the real truth of the rebels’ lives, and to lead the rebellion. But it isn’t easy. Peeta has been injected with a chemical that alters his memories and transforms them into horrid scenarios. Capitol air forces have demolished small parts of the districts. People are struggling to stay alive. How could Katniss go through all of this and still lead the rebels into battle? How will Peeta survive through his altered memories. How will the rebels stay alive and fight back against the capitol? The  answer is simple: Read the book to find out.


Overall I liked the book because it described many scenes as though you could picture them in your mind. Also I liked that had some monologue going on. What I did not like about the book is that it had parts where you thought you were going to fall asleep. Some of the dialogue was bland and didn’t convey very many details related to the plot of the story.


I would recommend this book because it is interesting and has many political aspects of modern government systems incorporated into the story. It has a good amount of description of scenes and it conveys many themes and messages. Overall it’s a good book for young adults.


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AKabodian said

at 3:06 pm on Feb 5, 2012

Thanks for sharing the plot and your ideas without giving away the end --- I'm reading Catching Fire right now. And I plan to read this one next.

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