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Smoking should not be allowed

By: Allie

I believe that smoking should not be allowed in the USA. Not only is it bad for you but it can also hurt everyone around you. And smoking costs a lot more money then you realize or would ever guess. These are just a few of the many reasons that smoking should be banned.


Smoking definitely can kill people. It can give you lung cancer, and other serious illnesses. Smoking is addicting, but there are ways to stop. It’s not worth it to die from such and unimportant thing such as smoking. 1.3 billion People smoke and 6.5 million people die from smoking each year. Many people actually turn to smoking because of problems they have in their life.


As well as smoking can affect you, it also affects the people around you, strangers and loved ones. You cannot smoke and still be in danger because of it. 53,800 people die every year because of secondhand smoke. In any event, if you smoke, think of the dangers you’re putting others in.


Obviously money is nowhere as important as you and others life. However smoking can put you in a bad place financially also. On average in a life time you will spend $72,000 on smoking. With the expenses and the dangers there are reasons to stop.


To sum up all of these problems to smoking your life, loved ones, and money. I believe the government should not allow smoking. It hurts people in so many ways and helps them in about none. So if you have any power over this, you should really consider, solving this issue and help people in America and worldwide.




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