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Sci Fi

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Smart enough for ya?

Taylor M

Final Draft


“This is the last time I’m going to warn you Shim, if you try and escape again I--”


“I know, I know. To jail I go,” I murmured. As I shuffled my feet back to my Compartment I wondered what it would be like to be on the other side. My name is Shim Hudson and I live on the Doltish Ground Zero. It is where all the numb-skulled live. See, when you are a little baby they test you on your I.R. which test how much intelligence you can acquire. Anyone below 80 is off to Doltish ground. If you’re above you go to Skama. Skama and D.G.Z. are separated by a rickety old bridge about 50 mi. long. Under the bridge is the Euprantic ocean . The waves are strong and you would probably die the second day in the ocean. I’ve tried to go across it before, I’ve tried also tried to get over the 12ft wall that surrounds us but I’ve never gotten over.

“Hey Lamell,” I screamed as I strolled into our compartment. Lamell is my best friend and lives with me in our compartment. When no one answered I started to worry because he has never been gone when I come home. My thoughts didn’t drift too far because right after that a siren went off and I grabbed my ears to stop the racket. Soon the siren was diminished and a voice came on.


“Hello Idiots, it is your dictator, Samantha Rapior. I am on the speaker to announce to you that one of your fellow idiots will be used as a sacrifice.See we have a growing amount of dumb people and to have our rate go down we will kill as many people as we need every month until the rate goes down. That is all. Thank you.”


I was in complete shock how could they do this to Lamell, my best friend. I had to get out of here. And that is exactly what I planned to do.


That night I got in my black ninja outfit on and my ski mask. I was sure that the guards would be out and the black outfit would help me hide in the shadow. I was going to get out of here. I told all of my neighbors to meet me at the shed where all the guards keep their weapons. We will take the guns and lazers and charge at the guards. When I got to the shed I was glad it was big because everyone was there.


“Everyone grab a weapon,” I whispered and put my finger on my lips. They all grabbed a weapon and we were off.


We set off into 6 groups and all went different directions. My group was hiding behind the 7th quadrant houses. That’s when I heard the Blop Blop Blop of the rubber boats worn by the guards. He was coming our way casually so I suspected he hadn’t seen us. I signaled my group to go left to hide behind another house but when we were moving another guard turned around and spotted us.


“Run! Run!” I bellowed as I dashed away from my group. I knew all the guards would be coming this way soon so another group could make it. I soon caught up with group 3 which was by the 4th quadrants houses.


“We need to make a run for it right now!” I yelled in a whispering tone. So we stuck out our guns and ran toward the brick wall. We started to shoot at it and soon the wall was crashing down. But we could hear the guards running toward us. I ran through the wall and lead everyone to the bridge. I knew a lot of us wouldn’t make it. This bridge is a least 100 millenniums old and even 1 person going across is too much weight never mind 10 people. So I decide to go first. I know that the guards wouldn’t dare come on this but they have specialized guns so I tried to get as far as I can. I wobbled a couple of times but I stayed steady. When I am half way across I start to think about what my plan really was. It was a set-up. I knew that one group would get caught and another group could then make it. I knew that the bridge could only have 1 person across and everyone else would die. How could I live with myself killing all those people? I put all of my dreams in front of everyone else's. As I watched from the bridge I saw all my friends and neighbors die. Its hard to push off the idea of killing myself and finally I do it. At least I think I did it.When I leaped of the bridge I landed on a rock. And I started to ponder my thoughts.The thing that is worse then knowing I killed my friends is knowing that I gave Dic. Samantha Rapior what she wanted. She wanted all a long to have all the dumb people die and only let the smart people live and that’s exactly what happened. Except for me.



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