Take over of the Robots

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Take Over of the Robots

In the year 2087 robots were very popular to North America. Specifically , the U.S. Robots were used as mates who clean the house, take care of children and other things related to that matter.

Also, they would assist the elderly people who had little energy and no family. So in a way, they are just like family.


Some robots hated the fact that they were used for this purpose and some enjoyed it. The ones who disliked it, stood up for themselves by talking to their owners about more choices and privileges they should have. President John Dell had put a stop to all this chaos, so he thought. There was still one more very smart robot left that he did not take and he still cared for his kind. So he got the ideas to start the next generation of the “Take Overs” …… and that’s what he would call his new friends and family.


This special robot had a name and that was Rootter. Rootter plans to surprise the F.B.I. and is certain it is going to work. He decided to build a army of robots (a.k.a. his relatives & friends) to attack all of the humans who ever owned a robot. To be generous he wrote a speech to tell why he’s doing this. The date he is set to do this is July 4th. Where every one will be gathered around for the fireworks. Then all of a sudden BOOM!!! He jumps from behind and surprises the crowd while his army follows behind.


It took about 8 months to create all of the robots, but he figured it was all worth it. Rutter lived in an abandon garage where he thought he’d be safe, but he was quite wrong. Many things happened in this garage. Mostly memories and ideas were he creates them and makes them come to life in an instant.


An elderly man was walking down the street when he heard what sound like a chain saw. So he went inside to observe. Rootter’s ideas, plans and everything was revealed to the man. The man is very sweet and understanding. So he approached Rutter in a very calm manner. Rutter on the other hand took the exact opposite reaction when he saw him. “AAAAAHHHHHH” Rutter yelled, grabbing his tools and other items that could be used as weapons. “NO please don’t shout, I come in peace the man said. Rutter seemed to calm down a little but didn’t let his guard down. “I just want to see and understand what you are doing”.



Rutter seemed to come up with a lie, but the man didn’t buy it.”Here, let me introduce myself.” “My name is Dr. Machanican.” Hello” said Rutter. Now may I please get more information on what you call yourself doing? “Well…… you see humans took apart all my friends, family and other random strangers that I knew, but I protected myself from the attack”. So I’m planning to recreate my kind and attack all the humans and then you’ll see how it feels to loose everything and everyone that you ever loved. I actually see where you’re coming from and I’m so sorry for all the harm we caused you. “Well it’s too late for apologies. Now leave me be!!” NOW GO!!!!!!!-“ “Wait, let me help you” What ?” I understand you and I want to help you. “Please.. it’s going to take you forever to do this whole thing by yourself . “Fine, you be here at 7:00 am sharp. We have lots of work to do.



Later that night Dr. Machinican starts thinking about what he said and really starts to regret what he did. However, it’s too late now so he goes to bed a few hours early to be ready for tomorrow. The next day Dr. Machinican gets to Rootter’s garage. Rootters already up and running. It’s July 3rdand Rutter is just now telling Dr.Machiniucan that he’s going to do this project tomorrow but he’s ok with it. More than half of the army is created by 2:00 pm. Dr. Machinican leaves Rutters at around 5:00 pm.


They both arrive at Central Park at around 6:30pm. A group of people arrive in one area of the park a few others in the other side of the park. Rutter gets excited while Dr. Machinican gets even more worried for helping write when the workers began to pull the fire Dr. Machinican begins to talk to Rutter about his decisions and did he think twice about what he’s about to do. “Well I just don’t think that this is the best solution for the problem”. Dr. Machinican tries to convince Rutter out of making this decision. “If you do not want to participate in what I’m doing, then fine but you don’t have to ruin it for me!!” Rutter said trying to shout over the fireworks. “No, but just think, if you recreate them, we’re just going to take them apart again. It’s not going to change anything”.


Rutter thought for a minute and he ran towards the robots as they were marching toward the crowd, but they ignored him as they walked on Rutter. He shouted as high as he could. One little infant in the front of the army, heard Rutter shouting, so he stopped. As Rutter struggled to get back on his feet, he began speak to his fellow robots in a language no one could understand. They all began to step back. We could all tell that they were backing off from the attack. Rootter turned to Dr .Machiniac and shouted “what do I do? “ “Is there a shut off button? “No!!! said Rootter.


The F.B.I. gets 3-4 nets to cover up the robots from above. They all fall down to the ground while the crowd is cheering. Once all of the robots are settled down, everyone stares at Rutter. One man yells, “ GET HIM!!!” “STTOOOPPP” Dr, Machinican yelled. I was the one who helped him do this whole project . “Why” A man yelled. “ I talked to him and he was describing how he felt and what we did to him, and I felt sorry SAID Dr Machinican. “AAAWWW” the crowd said. “So who says we let him stay and all the rest!!” “YEAH”!! “ So lets enjoy our night and get on with the fireworks.


The robots and humans all enjoyed their evening and their holiday all together.


Taylor S.

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