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The chiller of all times

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The Chiller of all times

By: Glenn

New York city 2099


It was a long and painful day. Swag o Neal was tired and had just come back from work. Swag was about to take a rest when he felt a huge THUMP!! “ What in the world is GOING on?” He shouted. “ Maybe it’s just me (sigh).” He left for his nice and comfortable bed. It was back… the big THUMP!! “ Ok I’m so tired so what could make my day worse? Let me guess, a GIANT robot controlled by a little kid? (Chuckle) I’m so funny!” He felt it a third time THUMP!! “ O M G! I can’t take it any more” He went and took a look outside his window “ OH MY WORD!! It’s a GIANT robot controlled by a kid? Really? Now what. he’s going to announce that he’s taking over the world but starting from here?

HA!!!! That would never happen. But just incase it did I’ll carry my robot costume to defend the world!” He rushed and got five portable robot costumes and stuffed them in his pocket and ran outside like other normal people acted to do.


 The kid then announced he was going to take over the world. What was Swag going to do? Find out in:


The Chiller of all times #2

(also by Glenn)

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