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People should reycle more-Kaleel

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People should recycle more

By: Kaleel



     People should recycle more. Why? Well, we can say it has its good points, that someone will eventually do it and get the whole thing started and leave it at that. Ever done that? Everyone has, and this time, human kind is wasting all the good stuff our planet has to offer, and has now caused Global warming, by using up fossil fuels, pollution, and by all that, litter. We could reduce that horrible waste of fossil fuels out of our lives, but what about the economy? What will get our cars going that would be a cheap and easy way, other than fossil and natural gas? Recycling can make a big change by putting a shorter end to global warming, helping our environment where ever we are, and possibly reduce the amount of natural resources, that we use up in our daily lives. So, start recycling and put an end to all of the mess that we’ve made.


     One of the reasons we should recycle is because of global warming. Did you know, that in the last 100 years, Earth's average surface temperature increased by about 0.8 °C (1.4 °F) with almost two thirds of the increase occurring over just the last three decades, which is a lot if you think about it. Greenhouse gases and deforestation have caused global warming. In other cases, it’s our fault by having cars, and buying fossil fuel/natural gases as well as expanding our neighborhood. When we recycle, we help get rid of pollution, global warming, helping out natural forests with ecosystems as well as helping the environment around us, for fresher air and a greener community.


Another way to think about all of those greenhouse gases that come from cars and other machinery that pollute. Badly. Because of man made machinery, we need to reduce the amount of natural resources we waste and use up. It isn’t fair in my opinion that it takes millions, millions of years for animals and natural ecosystems to make fossil fuels and natural gas that we use up in a wink of an eye. We need to reduce the usage of all of our greenhouse gases and for a change, try to be less wasteful, by recycling and maybe using a bicycle instead of a car.

Recycling helps our environment by cleaning up all that yucky stuff laying around that you had no idea how it got there. So, let’s just say eventually, everyone recycles and goes greener. You would at some point, have clear skies, a clean park (if you have one) fresh air, and no more all of that yucky stuff laying around. Now, that would be ideal, but down back to earth, unless it’s illegal to litter, someone will always do it. But, however, if a handful of people start, it may become a cleaner environment within a little while. Recycling means no litter, and no litter means that you can have a cleaner environment. So, it would make a huge difference if you cleaned up around and recycled more.


Of course, what I’ve been trying to tell you this whole entire time is that you should recycle and go greener. Global warming has been a huge warning to all of us that we need to step on what we are doing wrong. Pollution has made a huge impression on big cities, showing off its ugly side, everywhere. Litter shows what happens when you don’t recycle, so, there needs to be a change, with both in littering and in greenhouse gases, to stop pollution as well as global warming. We need to reduce the amount of natural resources that we waste and recycle for once! Go green!

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