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Sophie's Original Poem

Page history last edited by sophie 11 years, 8 months ago

Here's a poem that I wrote:

The Mermaid
An original poem by Sophie

I watched, mesmerized, as she swam.                      
When she met my eyes,
Hers flashed red
As she said
“You really should go now,
or you will be dead.”

I couldn’t turn away
Though the voice in my head
To keep at bay.

And plug your ears, OR ELSE.

But it was too late.
Her songs lured me to her fangs
But perhaps it was fate, I thought,
As I fell with a pang
When she bit me.

I floated down to the riverbed
Vaguely aware that I was not dead.

I looked down,
And to my surprise
I saw a scaly fish tail
And widened my eyes.
It was green and blue,
But it looked so frail!

I beat it a couple times.
And shot through the sea
As fast as a bee
Lured by the sweet nectar
Of a flower.

I caught my reflection
In a pearl shell
And was immediately put
Under my own spell.
My eyes were a blue as deep as a sea
My hair was long,
From my head to my knee,
And my nails were a pretty sea green.

And then I saw,
Not far behind me,
A man with a rod
To catch fish.

Through his SCUBA gear,
Which was labeled Creature Research,
He gave me a sneer.

And so the chase began.

I went to shore
The only place that I knew
And found
That I was a mermaid no more.

When the man surfaced
I pointed east
And laughed as he swam that way.

Diving back in
I felt my legs mold
Into a tail with a big green


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