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By: Xzavier


 Most people don’t know that panthers aren’t classified as

one type of animal? They’re actually considered a species of different types of wild cats such as the leopard, cougar, puma, and jaguar. Panthers are gifted in many physical and mental ways. These wild cats can even drag their kill up the tree with them. They live in countries and different places all around the world, even Florida. That’s why panthers are on of the most interesting species of animals in the world.           



Panthers live in different continents like Asia, Africa, and in South America. People could find them in different places, such as forests, swamps, jungle, and grasslands. Panthers in South are considered to be larger than panthers in the North. Panthers really don’t have a lot of predators in their areas except for humans, lions, and hyenas, but they also have a lot of prey.





Their diet consists of small and large animals, like the wild boar, rabbits, birds, and warthogs. Panthers will usually hunt in the night because they are nocturnal creatures. Also panthers have about 32 teeth and like many other cats panthers have large canine teeth to help them eat and catch their prey. Panthers also have another tool to help them catch prey. It’s this odor sensitive organ at the roof of their mouths that will helps them locate prey easier, just like a GPS. Most wild panthers do not eat any type of fruit. Some good advice would be to stay away from wild panthers, especially the hungry ones.


            These animals walk on the balls of their feet with their claws retracted, but when they pounce on prey those claws shoot out and go into the animal. Adult panthers body length is equal to or between 41 and 79 inches long, and they weigh between 100 and 250 pounds. Their heads are rather small compared to lions. These panthers can also leap an amazing 20 feet, and runt up to 71 miles per hour. Imagine trying to get away from this animal, which would stink.    




 The average human lifespan is 78.5 years but unlike humans panthers usually live up to 10 to 15 years in the wild, and 20 years in captivity. The newborn cubs have a thin gray fur over their eyes so they won’t be able to see for the first couple week of their life. Panthers usually have a litter of about 3 to 4. Less than half of those cubs will not survive up to 1 year.


            Weren’t those some awesome facts right there? Well hopefully people become believers of panthers and think that they are the most exuberant animals out there. Since panthers are an endangered species and anyone out there can try to help them out in many ways by just spreading awareness. Panthers have a right in this world just like you do.






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