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First names of group members:Katie and Sophie


You can use the following website for your answers:  http://www.elainefitzgerald.com/utopia/#Introduction


If your group uses any other links than the ones found at that website, you need to cite the link in your answer.


1. What is a utopia?  A utopia is an ideal/perfect society, community, or world.                                     


2. What is one example of a utopia (a book, a movie, a song, a place, or a concept)? (besides the Community) The book Cinder is a utopia. Some Twilight Zone episodes, like "Number 12 Looks Just Like You" or "The Eye of the Beholder" focus on utopic worlds.



{if you finish early, make a link to more info about your example}


3. In what ways is the Community in The Giver a utopia? 

  The Community in the Giver is a utopia because it is always safe and there is no room for mistakes.  Also, everyone is exactly equal.  The people are innocently ignorant of anything that makes  their world imperfect.       

4. In what ways is the Community in The Giver the opposite of a utopia (sometimes called a dystopia)?  The Giver is distopic in some ways because there is no color or beauty, and no real love.  Also, there is no pain, which makes life bland and boring.  People have no new ideas as well.     


5. Would you want to live in a utopia?  Why or why not?  Sophie: I would not want to live in a utopia because they are so boring, and there's nothing new, ever!  In a distopic utopia, or a utopic distopia, or whatever is in between, there is a balance between different feelings and thoughts.  People can disagree, or agree, or agree to disagree.  Some even disagree to agree.  That life seems better to me.  Katie: I would like to live in a utopia, but I have a very different idea of a utopia than what is in the giver. In the Giver, the utopic part is all safe and sound, no passion in life, or real feelings. I consider that distopic, because even though everything is fair and nice, there is no reason for it all, it simply exsists. What I consider to be a utopia is when there are mistakes, but people can feel and enjoy life, not just go through it nuetrally.

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