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Your wiki page and your portfolio grade

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Your Writing Portfolio 

30 points



Our ability to write changes over time.  Think back to when you learned to write.  You may have used pictures to represent a whole story.  As you learned letters and words (and read a lot of stories or had them read to you), you began to sound out the spellings for words in order to get your point across.  If you fast-forward ahead to your current age, I am sure you will see a vast improvement in your ability to communicate your ideas in written form.  



Essentially that is what I hope your portfolio will show --- the growth in your writing ability during this 7th grade year.




Please remember to date every assignment you upload to your wiki page.  


You will have time in class to add the following assignments by the following dates:


by this date 

  • Book of Choice Review  
  • Poem

  • Walk Two Moons essay (optional)

  • Persuasive Essay

  • Public Service Announcement digital story 

January 25, 2018


  • Career Research and Report 

  • Giver Response   

  • Research Paper

  • Poem



June  12, 2018

Having these final drafts on your wiki will be 20 points of the Portfolio grade.


The other 10 points will be from your Reflection:

  • your reflections on the process of creating these final drafts and on your use of the wiki.  More information is on the Final Reflection page.


Many of the ideas for this assignment came from the National Writing Project of Michigan's Portfolio Institute workshop and the Michigan Portfolios website


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