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book review

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Personal narrative 

The big move

"Mom".I yelled i cant find my box of cloths. It was Thursday the 12 the big moving day.'look in the living room' she replied i ran down stairs to find my box of cloths.I grabbed the box and ran outside to put it in the car.My dad had just got back from taking things to our new house. we live in Ohio and were moving to Michigan that's a five hour drive he had been goin back in forth all day. i grabbed my fourth box of cloths and said im ready. i wasn't really ready because i was leaving all of my friends id known for years.i was leaving my brother who goes to college was the worse day yet.then it happened i was waiting for it this whole time my sister to start crying and my brother to come say good bye in tears.we were all really sad when tears were shedding from everyone's eyes.even my mom got emotional.


It was time for us to go we said our last good byes and headed on our way. five hour drive here i come. we had been in the car for four hours and we got hour earlier than we thought.this was going to be our new house for the next two years.we ran in the house and my mom said...were to next!


Descriptive essay

                                                      My special place

My special place is were i can get all of my thoughts out. do all my work in peace. never have to listen to my family complain...My room.My room is my favorite place to go.i get all my work done. i can read with no destractions. i love to stay in my room. when my mom says go to your room i say ok, i have my t.v. in there and my xbox. so i would say id love to. i think if people had a good place to go that's so quite...Why not your room it has all the space you need.mines big and has lots of space. it has to beds and a t.v. this is my favorite place to be.


This i believe

Gay marriage

I believe in gay marriage.why do people find it wrong for two men or women to be in and woman love each other why cant a guy and a guy or girl and is love that's what people say when there parents don't want them to marry the people the why cant it be the same for gay people.i knew a girl who was one month away from her wedding with a girl.her parents both said they were not going to go because the were so upset that she was marring another the girl and her fiance went on the tyra show with her family. Tyra explained who you love is who you love. then at the end she asked now will  you go to the wedding. the one sister said yes from the start the mother and other sister maybe but the dad said no. love is what and who you chose it to be.i believe that love is what ever you chose it to be and with who ever you chose it to be with.





                                                                its what makes us friends

                                                                its what makes us fight

                                                                its what brings us together

                                                                its what pulls us apart



Persuasive essay

I think people should adopt a healthier lifestyle. i think that people should not smoke.smoking can cause many problems. first of all it can cause problems by giving you cancer and you could die.there could be second hand smoking which can effect other people and make them sick. finally, smoking makes you smell bad and have yellow teeth.


smoking can give you cancer.smoking can give you cancer because of all of the chemicals. it can give you holes in your mouth which could be cancer.sometimes you will have to get surgery to get the cancer out.but a lot of the times you will get cancer that will kill you. 440,000 people die each year from cancer from smoking. so dont smoke.


 smoking can hurt other people also. because of second hand smoking.second hand smoking is when other people can breath in the smoke also.this can hurt your not only hurting you self your hurting others. don't smoke.


 smoking can cause many harm. not only does it hurt others it hurts you makes you smell bad and gives you yellow should listen to the motto its easier to start than stop.



Writing reflection 

I think all of the writing we have done this year has been all fun. i think the length all of our assignments have to be reasonable and the time we get is perfect.i do think though we have to do to many rough drafts.Whats the point of doing a rough draft if we have to do 2 or 3. I think something i have learned is that every year so far i have had to write a personal narrative. i think this ok because we have a lot to do in our lives and a lot to write about. something else i learned was to be a better poet and write long strong poems. what i like about the wiki is you get to share things with people not in your class which is fun. i dislike that we always have to post our stories and things. over all i think it is a good experience.


Into the future 



The future were all the rich people live above ground and all of the poor people live on ground.The people who live above ground have the big high tech houses and the ones who live on ground have the small not so techy houses.They are techy because the houses have all the technology in the world anything you could imagine would be in there house but would have to do with technology. The escalators for stairs the big flat screen T.V.s.Flying cars and anything else high tech.While the people who live on ground just have the regular not escalater stairs or flying cars. We wont know until that future comes but for now we live as we live.

David was a high tech kid who lived in the upper world.He never thought of the under world as being anything.The under ground to him was a place were low lifes live.Until the day his flying car stopped and feel to the on ground world. "Ahh" he screamed as his car fell to the on ground world.


"were am I,what is this dull place."

He looked up to the sky and saw the above world it looked faded but he could see it.

"Am i cant be... am i,in the under world."

Out of no were a  young man walked up to david.

"Are you okay." the man asked

"Who are you?" with a confused look on his face.

"Im Thunder"

"What kind of name is that."

"Its my name its from the under world."

"Thats were i am i knew it."

It had been a long fall for him and he was now in the under world with Thunder.

"There are so many differences down here and now i can feel with how you guys live.To repay you Thunder you should come up with me to the above world and ill show you around maybe buy you a small house and live with our high techyness.

"That would be great"Thunder said

Then thunder and david went to the above world with all the high tech and saw how each other lived.Then the worked together to make a portal to take them to the above world to the on ground world.



Book Review

The Third Wheel By: Jeff Kinney


I read the book The Third Wheel By: Jeff Kinney.This book is the newest addition to the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series.What happens in this book is first Greg the main character talks about how he remembers things from when he was born and even before he was born,and how he remembers his parents would talk to him.He also talks about how he got all the hand-me-downs from his older brother Rodrick.Then Greg starts to talk about how he figured out he was going to have a brother.When his brother was born his mom changed her ways and let him do his own things instead of trying to make him super smart like she tried with Greg.Next the story goes back to how Greg is in middle and faces and goes through all these things and how he thinks he is or should be so cool.Then towards the end it is a valentines day  Greg tries to find "Love" but does he end up finding love or will it be his friend Rowley?

I liked this story a lot i have always been a fan of the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books I enjoy reading the books a lot.One thing i don't like is now that they made the movies when i read i think about how would they do this or how would he say this,I don't like this because I prefer the book over the movies and in the movies they make Greg sound like such a jerk so that's now how i think of him in the books.

Over all i really like this book because again i enjoy reading the series.I would recommend  this book to anyone who has read and enjoyed the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series.This book is a fun book to read but also easy to read.

Compare and Contrast

                    Kara Martin

  After 20 years and A Retrieved Reformation are two stories written by O.Henry.

Though they have many similarities they also have many differences.

Here are a few off them.


  In the story after 20 years a man is going to meet his friend that he hasn’t seen in 20 years. While one of the men are waiting for the other man a cop comes up and they start talking about how he is waiting for a friend he hasn’t seen in 20 years. Then the cop leaves and the man still stays there. Soon another cop comes and arrests that guy. What the first cop didn’t know was that his friend was wanted.


  Then in the story A Retrieved Reformation a man was let out of prison from being a theft. But when he is let out it doesn’t stop him from still being a theft. Then after he has been moving around he finds a girl that he falls in love with. But he is still wanted. Then one night when they are setting up there shoe store in a old bank a little girl gets stuck in a safe the man helps her get out. While he is picking the lock to get her out the cop who has been looking for him saw that he did a good did and let him go.


  After 20 years and A Retrieved Reformation do have similarities like how the men are both wanted. But then again they have many differences to go along with that. After 20 years and A Retrieved Reformation are both good stories written by O.Henry


The Salem Witch Trials

Kara Martin


     The Salem witch trials started February of 1692 in Massachusetts. The witch trials were a series of hearings of people who were accused of witchcraft.  When anything bad happened around town, witchcraft was to blame.  If someone died unexpectantly, or crops were bad, they thought it must be witchcraft.  The time of the Salem Witch Trials was a hard time to live.


            The Salem Witch Trials started in 1692 in Massachusetts. It happened with

Betty Parris (9) and her cousin Abigail Williams (11) were acting weird and were

accused of being witches. This included ignoring everyone and many other things.

            The two young girls faced many ways that pointed to them being a witch. They we’re  ignoring everyone which was strange because it was a small town where everyone talked to each other. They would also curl up in corners and screech as if they were in pain but no one was near them. They would roll their eyes behind their head. Them acting up like this lead to one thing… Witchcraft! What could they do to stop this?

Samuel Parris, Betty’s father, was worried and wanted this to stop. He tried many ways to prove that they weren’t witches. They made cakes which included the children’s urine, then fed it to the dog. They thought that the dog would run to the one who was a witch, but instead the dog just got sick.  Betty and her cousin Abigail were accused anyhow.

After Betty and Abigail were being held for trial, the people of the village began accusing other people of witchcraft.  One woman, named Tituba, was accused of “conjuring spirits” by the village.  Soon after Tituba was being accused, other people began receiving letters accusing them of also being witches.  Hundreds of people were accused of witch craft and many things began happening to them.

Many people began to run away and refuse to go to trial after they were being accused of witchcraft.  By running away and refusing trial made the court people think that they must be guilty.  One man, who refused to go to court, had stones stacked on him until he was crushed to death.  Twenty other people were hung.  The majority of people who went to trial, ended up in prison but were allowed to live.

The Salem witch trial lasted from February 1692 to May of 1693.  Over 200 people were accused of witchcraft and 20 people refused trial and were killed.  Each individual trial lasted for weeks.  In the end, the people of the village admitted it was a mistake but the damage was already done. 1692 Massachusetts were it all started, were it all ended.


Resource Page

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what i think about our writing assignments is that i think we have to much time to work on them. i think having to much time leads people to forgetting about it. also i think that we get enough time in class to work on our project which gives us enough time to review with each other. then about the wiki i think it is very easy to use but honestly i do not like using it. this is because i feel it takes to much extra time and that no one likes using it. i think i would like writing stories if our final draft doesnt always have to go on our wiki.


This year i have learned i coulple different things. This includes labeling the sentences with the subject and etc. But with learning these things i dont think that a person on the computer should teach it because he isnt going to stop and ask for questions he is just going to keep going. so i think that you should actually go through and teach it and stop to ask for questions. this includes other things that i dont feel you teach and that its other people. also that if people have question i think it would be better for you to take the time to answer it and so times you seem to come off a little snappy which can make people angry or feel bad. thanks for a semi fun year... GOODBYE :) 




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