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Today was the day that we were going to drive out into the country to get a new puppy. My dad has always wanted a basset hound even though they are really loud and love to bark and howl. It took a long time for him to research to find the perfect breeder, but we eventually found the perfect one.

We finally arrived at the breeder’s house. There were two adult basset hounds they were the parents of all the puppies the moms name is Velma and the dads name is Fred they were name after the show Scooby doo. There also was lots of little eight week old puppies they all had strange names like Barney, Fancy pants, Elmo, etc. .

My older brother Tyler wanted the little brown one named Barney. But after a while of playing with all of the puppies we all finally agreed on the puppy named Fancy Pants.

She was called Fancy Pants because she is black, brown, and white but the white on her back makes it look like she has pants on. The breeder told us all about the puppies and what we had to feed her until she reached a certain age. We had to give her puppy food with water added to it to make it easier for her to chew at first. That day I also learned that basset hounds fall over their ears. That same night we got to bring fancy pants home but we also got to rename her on the long drive home so we brain stormed dog names to rename her a real name.

We thought of lots of names like Rose, Ally, Lola, etc.

My dad thought of the name Lilly and we all agreed that Lilly would be the perfect name for her.




                   smoking should be outlawed in the united states  

I think smoking should be outlawed in the United States. Many people die every year from smoking; smoking can also affect the people around you not only you, and once you start smoking it’s really hard for the majority of people to quit


 Way too many die every year from smoking and this could all stop if smoking was not legal for example, every 6.5 seconds a current or former smoker dies. Around six million people die from tobacco every year. I can only imagine how many lives would be saved if smoking was not legal.



Also, smoking can affect people around you while you smoke (especially children). You might not know it but for some people it’s hard to breath with the fumes. And over time smoking also can affect your lungs.


Another reason id that the majority of people its hard to quit smoking after you start. It becomes addicting. People want the nicotine so much that they give in to the cravings. Even though there is special nicotine gum you can get to help you stop but still are not guaranteed to be effective.


In conclusion, smoking should be outlawed in the United States even though in some cases there might be a medical reason like medical marihuana and pain relief, because; many people every year die from smoking. Smoking can also effect the people around you not only you especially children. Once you start smoking its really hard for the majority of people to quite. Therefore smoking should be outlawed in the United States.

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This I believe essay

Just think what your life would be if there was no such thing as being forgiven. Who would your friends be? How many people would be angry? What family would you really have on your side? This is all why I believe in forgiveness.


Apologizing would never be helpful in any way, sense, or form. So if I were to accidentally do something wrong as simple as dropping your pencil or bumping into you. I wouldn’t be able to say sorry. The person or people that I affected might be angry and I would never be on their good side ever again.


Also, try to picture the world with almost no really good friends to go to for help on relationships, family, pets, homework, and family. Or would these things even exist? Just think every little bad thing you do might set someone off to be angry for the rest of their life.


Even though it can sometimes be difficult to forgive and may even take time to find the courage, I believe forgiveness is very important to be able to do no matter how bad whatever the thing you did was.


And remember, if you don’t have forgiveness what do you have… who would your friends be? Who would be mad? Would you still be here reading this paper? Just think about it, if there was no such thing as forgiveness would you really be hurting yourself or the people around you that you know and love or maybe even both.




Soccer try outs 2009

Early one morning when I was 10 years old I was on a rec team but my dad suggested for me to try out for a premiere club known as sbc chill soccer club. Though I highly doubted I would even come close to making the team I soon agreed to try.  So early on a sunny Saturday summer morning my dad and I went to the East Lansing soccer complex not far from my house. There the try outs would soon take place. As soon as we got their when we signed in I got a white shirt with the chill logo across the middle and the number 177 on the back so the coaches would have an obvious way to recognize each and every player trying out with their different numbers. Next the drills began I was so nerves because I didn't recognize anyone, but soon after about an hour and a half of lots of running and ball drills the two coaches of my age division coach Ben and Stu put us all into three groups by calling out our numbers my number 177 was called out first of the second group. Them the club founder Mr. Mullen pulled my group aside and told us that we would be forming the chill sbc U11 girls white team or the b team. Even though it was not the better team of my age group I was still really happy and proud.



In the darkness,

I am lost

It will surely cost

I’m in a race, maybe for space

All those closterfobics

Make me dizzy

Dizzy, dizzy

Down the stairs.

I fall,

And when I awaken

 I will still,

And always

Be lost in the lonely darkness


You were my best

When I was young

But it soon canr your time

Your time to say good bye

Some say you were just a dog

But to me

You were much, much more

You will forever shine.

You will always be mine


Light, light

You are bright

Bright, bright

Bright as night.

Night, night.

We will,

Always fight.


We are not alone

             Leave a message at the tone     (haiku)

When you’re on the phone


Their once was a hand

            He lived in a different land    (haiku)

Where all where planes land


Their once was a squeal

He had a purl

He once ate his purl

He then wanted to hurl


There was a monkey

               A very hunky monkey     (haiku)

And he was funky


Here on earth

The darkness flows

Through the streets

At the meets

And even in your own back yard

Some people are afraid

But I’m not scared

The light comes back once your dared

billy's monsters (sifi story)

 There once was a small orphan child named Billy . Billy  became very depressed and sad after his mother was brutally taken from him when he was only 8 years old. Billy's mother was taken to a rehabilitation center for use of drugs and she was said to be incurable.She would never get her son back ever again and wouldn't ever have the money to get the correct help she needs.Billy might never see his mom ever again and was always the quietest in the whole orphanage so this caused him to never really make real, true friends. So he would read Billy read all day every day, by age 13 Billy became very intelligent and his sadness of losing his mother then became anger.Billy’s anger worsened and worsened then by age 15 Billy started working and working and working he has now decided to become a scientist, who would have thought that all that hard core reading would one day, become useful.
Billy used the shed in the backyard of the orphanage as a “lab” but no one ever took him seriously and were all too disgusted to go into that dirty rat infested shed. But Billy would always go on and on to everyone about his plans to create/change the genetics of animals and create monster type species. Billy then started testing day and night he took genes and hormones from rats in the infested shed/”lab” and even the occasional squirrel hormones from squirrels that he had captured in traps made from cardboard  boxes....
many years later Billy had grown out of the orphanage and became a real scientist. Billy continued his studies on animals and soon got the knowledge to create monsters out of different types of animals. Billy then became very successful with his creations and started to sell his monsters for hundreds of dollars.
One year later, Billy moved to Ohio for better business opportunities to expand his business. But more importantly Ohio was where his mother has been sent several years prior to this. Billy has had this all planned out. But while traveling in the plain one of Billy’s many untrained monsters has escaped and couldn’t be found in time so Billy was forced to leave it behind.

2a.m. the third day in Ohio Billy got a call from a local hospital, they said they have finally  found his missing monster and it has bitten someone. she was an alcoholic... just like billys mom he thought. but then the secretary of the hospital began to congratulate billy. he was confused so the secretary then  explained to billy that his monster has somehow cured the lady and she was no longer an alcoholic. instantly this popped the idea in Billy’s head to cure his mother.
but of course it was only 2:30 in the morning at this time so Billy had to wait until morning to rush to his beloved mom.
At first Billy’s mother was very unsure and frightened by this idea and thought the creature and strange. But billy somehow managed to convince her that it would cure her and she would not be an alcoholic any longer.
it was amazing about two years billys mom has been sober thanks to billy’s many monsters. Not to mention billy now is very famous and wealthy and finally s to live his life long dream living with his mother happily in Ohio.



1.)Making a voki was fun bit I wish we could have had more time in class to work on them.


The book groups worked out pretty well but there were some points that my group fought about how much to read and at some times while we read some of the groups got load and made it difficult to focus on reading.

The psa on photostory3 was kind of hard at first because it takes time to find the right pictures and you needed to remember the bibliography also it took some time to get used to.

       2.)one strategy that I have learned that can be helpful but I could still use some work on is dating and labeling all of my papers this helps to check to make sure I have everything of notebook checks. I have also learned how helpful our literature books can be for ideas and definitions.

        3.) I liked the wiki because you didn't have to worry about your hand writing being not legible, don’t have to worry about losing papers and it’s a good way to stay organized. But I did not like how we had to put everything on our wiki and everyone can see all of your stories and poems.


The Hunger Games


The Hunger Games is a 311 page book by Suzanne Collins

This book is about the struggles a 16 year old girl names Katniss Everdeen who faces living in district 12. The poorest district in Panem. Long ago the 12 districts all started war with the capital. So now all the districts pick both one girl and one guy to attend to an annual televised event. This event is known as The Hunger Games during this event the two people from each district each ages twelve to eight teen, they will be known as tributes. And when reaping day finally came Katniss and her best friend Peeta Mellark go to the woods just outside their district to hunt even though it is forbidden to leave the district at this time. Next comes the reaping Katniss’s father died years before in a mining incident so it’s up to Kitniss to care for her 12 year old sister and mother. They all along with everyone else of district 12 get all dressed up to gather for the names to be drawn the odds were completely in Primrose’s (Katniss's 12 year old sister) favor she only had one name in the draw while Katniss had 24 entrees first the girls are drawn by Effie Trinket, the person that was assigned to chaperone the tributes of district 12 “Primrose Everdeen” she calls. Katniss then volunteered as tribute to save her beloved little sister. Next came the guys she drew a name “Gale Hawthorne” this name was very familiar to Katniss, she then realized this is one of her peers from school but she has only seen him around a few times.  Then they say their short good byes and are sent on a train and trained for the games this all happens in a very short amount of time. And gale and Katniss are supposed to act like they are in love to get supporters to help them in the battle. They go through parades and other interesting events to prepare for the games. Then the tributes from all districts are sent to a war like place this year, the 73rd annual games took place in the woods. It’s an everyone for themselves situation where everyone kills each other and the last man standing wins. But there’s a catch the people of the capital can rig the game and add medicines and things too kill. In order to find more details and how the book ends, you can read the book or even see the movie.


The Tail of Little Chub

There once was a planet of cats and on this planet lived a strange stubby cat named; Little Chub, Little Chub has been over weight all of her life and no matter what she tried she just couldn't lose weight. Little Chub then became very angry from all of the reading and bullying about her weight. After a lot of thinking she then can't to the conclusion: if she can't lose weight to be like everyone else no one can. Little Chub then started working. She worked and worked and refused to tell anyone what she was up to.
One week later she had created the tastiest most amazing onion ring in the whole world. But of course there was a side effect, the onion rings were very, very addictive and once you started to eat you couldn't stop.
Little Chubb then fed everyone she knew these addictive rings and told them to tell everyone they knew and pass the recipe on and on. But of course none of these people had any idea of the terrible side effects and how addictive they would soon become. Little Chubb then thrived and was extremely happy, "my plan has worked she thought for no one knows they will soon become morbidly obese but still not stop and I will never be teased again" or so she thought.... 
One goddess has known her plan all along and was just waiting for the perfect time to confront her. This goddess goes by Hestia; [HES-tee-uh] Hestia is the goddess of health and home. Little Chub than hide with the fear of Hestia’s rage. But this action just made Hestia’s rage much, much worse. Once Hestia found little Chub and very clearly showed her rage and told her "with great actions comes great responsibility and consequences". Hestia sent little Chub all the way out to space to live the rest of her days as the planet we know as Saturn and the rings of coarse are the addictive one of a kind onion rings. As for all the other people fortunately Hestia came and stopped them just in time so the onion rings had no effect on them what so ever.








        The Liger         



There are many types of big cats known around the world. Though some species may be more well known than others, there are many in existence. The liger is one of these unknown creatures that many people don't find legitimate. in this essay my goal is to show all the nonbelievers that the big cat species known as the liger definitely does exist.  


Population and Habitat

As hybrids ligers exist only in captivity. This is because the habitats of their parents (lion and tiger) are not very potential so they are very unlikely to overlap or meet in the wild in their natural environment. The population of the liger is about 70 to 90 throughout the world. According to ligerworld.com, there are about 30 ligers in the United States Of America, 20 in china, 4 in Germany, also 4 in Russia, 4 in France and South Africa, South Korea has 3, and finally there are 5 known ligers in Japan.


Eating Habits Of The Liger

On a typical day ligers will eat meat such as, beef and/or chicken. They they are capable of eating 45kg. in a single sitting thats about 99 pounds. Ligers can also drink a gallon of water each and every day. They also have very, very, large teeth their teeth are each about two inches long. Due to all the eating ligers can grow at a rate of 1 kilogram every second day. By the end of their first year they can weigh up to 165 kilograms. That means by the age of three a liger could weigh up to 320 kg. They seem to have inherited both parents eating habits combined into one.



As hybrids, ligers have very low fertility rates. Some females have produced an offspring with a full lion or even a full tiger. Until recently most ligers that have been bred were a result of an accident. Ligers are always the result of the pairing of a male lion and a female tiger. If reversed, then the offspring would be known as a tigon. Tigons are much smaller and usually weigh less than 150 kilograms.Because ligers are known as to hybrids they are more inclined to have diseases like cancer and these diseases usually cause their lifespan to be shortened by early death.


Traits Compared To Parents

A liger shares traits of both the lion and the tiger, but they often have more traits in common with the father who is a lion. But the liger has the ability to resemble either of their parents. The fur color of a liger can range all the way from white, to gold, and even to brown. They may or may not have spots and/or stripes. Ligers look like both parents but tend to be larger than both the lion and the tiger. One trait that the liger has inherited from the tiger is the fact that ligers are very good swimmers and love the water, lions do not like water. also, a male liger might have a mane but if so the mane is usually much smaller than his father’s. the roar of a liger sound more like the roar of a lion but it can also sound like the roar of a tiger in specific situations. The liger is very fast, they can run a speed of 50 miles per hour or 80 kilometers per hour.



According to Guinness book of world records Hercules is the worlds largest living cat. Can you believe Hercules is the worlds largest cat and a real living liger? There have been other larger ligers/big cats. one goes by the name Nook. He weighed over 550 kilograms. But Nook dies in 2007 making Hercules the largest non-obese living cat known on earth. Hercules weighs over 410 kilograms or 904 ponds and he is very fit and healthy.


Ligers are one of the most amazing and biggest cats on earth. They can be very interesting to research and observe. Now you know about the giant feline known as the liger, and you might even have learned to believe in their existence.  



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1.) I think most of our assignments were sorta easy but i did not like how we had to write poems and put them on the wiki. We did always get a good amount of feedback and the teacher always made sure to tell us when everything is due so we would get it all done in time. Most of the time he would also give us time in class to not have homework or at least not much homework to do on our own time. Though i do not like the wiki very much, it tended to make it a lot easier to keep track of things rather than having a bunch of papers everywhere.

2.) This year in English class i have learned a lot more vocabulary words and different writing styles.  I have learned that it can be really helpful to always have everything in different subject folders that you can easily take from class to class with no troubles. Also you should always make sure to label everything so it will be much easier to keep track of what you have and what you need to have and get done in a certain amount of time.






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