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Joy K

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Joy's Wiki



This year has been pretty good. Not the best, but good. I've met some cool new people and I've learned to grow a lot socialy and learn better study habbits. In my reflection, I will tell you, Mr. K, some things I've learned and what I've enjoyed in your class and some advice to you and the future 7th graders.


The good:

First off, the most important things about your class I love are the wiki, and the blue folder. I say the blue folder simply because I am very disorginized and I always need extra copies of assignments so now I know where to find them. Also, I enjoyed using the website I am writing my reflection on just simply for the fact that it is on the internet.

My favorite thing I've wrote this year is probably my myth. Myths are a form of literature that really fascinate me and I've really enjoyed the oppurtunity to write one. 

Also, I enjoyed the sci fi unit due to the fact that we get to watch "twilight zone" episodes.


The bad:

One of the things I didn't like about this class is that assignment due dates are rushed on you. And this isn't completly about the class either. I mean, I am a person who procrascinates a lot, so I tend to rush things to the last minute. Yet for some reason, this method was effective during the 3rd marking period but not for the other ones. I think just for the simple fact that me (and people) procrascinate, you should make the due dates a little longer.


How I developed:

This year, even though I haven't developed strongly academically, I have learned a lot from the mistakes and failures of this year and learned how to study better and not procrascinate next year. Thank you so much Mr. K!


Joy's Research Paper



Dave &

The Ship of Odysseus

Dave looked into the endless horizon. He had grown seasick of the Aegean Sea. He was sent on a quest by his father Zeus to defeat the dark lord Hades and retrieve the boat of the hero Odysseus. This quest would be long and difficult as he would have to sail through the Aegean Sea to the Island of Ios to retrieve the boat.

Dave Stared deep into the bloodshot horizon. It was sunset before the summer solstice and Hades would regain his power if he isn’t back in the underworld. Dave must defeat him and bring back the ship in order to retain peace. His time was running out. He had sailed from his homeland Athens, Greece 5 days ago.  He leaned forward on his ship and saw volcanic ash rising from the ground. Then, a form of a person started to form on his ship. The silhouette grabbed Dave by the neck and squeezed hard. Dave choked.“AARGGG!!!” Dave moaned in pain. Dave held his right hand into the sky and a sword appeared. He gripped the sword and swung at the silhouettes neck and the blade passed through. He dropped the sword, grabbed the silhouettes hand, and twisted it. The man dropped Dave on the ground. Now the man fully appeared in front of Dave. He was Hades... The lord of the dead.

Dave didn’t say a word. He knew his mission was to slay the lord of the dead so he picked  up his blade and swung. Hades dodged and pulled out his blade from his belt and swung it at Dave. Dave parried the blade right before it hit his face. Dave went for 3 strikes with vertical swings. Hades jumped back 2 yards and went for Dave’s head. Dave ducked and did a backflip then threw a dagger from his belt at Hades. Hades caught the blade and threw it back. It hit Dave in the gut. Hades jumped forward for the kill and stabbed at Dave’s, heart. Dave feinted to his left just in time so the blade his his right lung. Dave coughed up blood. There was a hidden smile on his bloody face. With all his might, he gripped the blade and sliced at Hades’ head.
The lord of the dead vanished...

Dave had won. He went on the island and searched the west and east coasts to see if the boat of Odysseus was there. It wasn’t. He searched the southern coast and found it. He set sail and arrived in Greece 5 days later.

Waiting for him in the Athenian docks was none other than his father Zeus. “You did well, young hero.” Zeus praised. “Now as of your reward. You have done the Olympians a great favor. What will you like to have, my son? Gold, kingship, adventure? I will even be willing to grant the ultimate wish of mankind... Immortality. Now speak up. What do you want?” Zeus asked. “I want this boat. It’s a great souvenir for this adventure!”   

THE END!!!!! :)




Book Review:

The book I Reviewed was Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Titans Curse. I've personally read every book of the series before this besides The Titans Curse. This book is about a demigod Percy who is the son of Poseidon and the mortal Sally Jackson. The basic outline of the story starts when Percy and his friends Thalia and Annabeth go with her to a school in Maine to rescue 2 demigod siblings. They encounter a plot lead by "The General" and they are assaulted by a manticore. Artemis, The goddess of the Hunt, and her hunters jump into action as the manticore approaches Percy and Thalia. Annabeth jumps into action (and the line of fire) and stabs the manticore in the neck as the hunters let their volleys of arrows fly and the manticore jumps off the cliff into the sea with Annabeth on his back.


Lady Artemis goes on a hunt without her hunters to go slay the mysterious monster and tells them to go to camp half-blood. Then Percy has a dream that Lady Artemis and Annabeth had been kidnapped by "The General" and forced to hold the sky where Atlas originally stood. 


Percy, Thalia, Zoe (the leader of the hunters), Grover (Percy's best friend), and Bianca (one of the girls from the school in Maine) goes on a quest to find Artemis and Annabeth and defeat "The General".


The resolution happens when Percy rescues Annabeth and Lady Artemis.


There are 312 pages to this book. I would recommend this book for anyone who likes adventure books and mystery along with fantasy. I like the plot and the originality even though they used aspects of Greek Mythology.  This is truly an awesome book ^_^.











The Story of a dude who couldn't get along with his computer that eventually almost led to the destruction of the United States


   Once upon a time, in the year 2512 A.D., there was an invasion launched by the Soviet Union II in Russia on the United States. Our main characters name was Jake. He was a nuclear physicist who was trying to end a war with his new invention of nuclear ballistic missiles. He plans on launching them into Russia. The Soviets were pushing forward as we see this scientist run to his lab.


"ARG!" Yelled Jake as he ran down the narrow corridor to his lab room. He had just took a shot to the foot and tripped. He got up and grabbed his 9 mm pistol in his pocket and shot the Soviet that had shot him. The Soviet fell backwards as his head hit the ground. Jake got closer and shot the Soviet in the head and the soldier died (scientists were armed to defend themselves).


Machinegun fire erupted from the other side of the corridor as Jake rushed to his lab room. The Soviets were pushing through America's most famous lab in Colorado where Jake is working with his assistant on his project. They hope to find out where the headquarters of the U.S. National Nuclear Defense Association (UNNDA) is, but Jake doesn't want them to locate it. He rapidly locked the door and jumped to his seat that he didn't notice his assistant Bill at all.

Bill isn't a scientist but a retired veteran from the war who was 13 years older than Jake. "Hey Jake, we better get the project ready or the Soviets’ll take over this lab" Bill said as he grabbed a machinegun and gunned down the soviets trying to break open the door. "Just guard me and we will have this baby ready in no time!" Jake yelled back as he pushed the power button to the computer.


His computer took an awkwardly long time to start, as the loading screen started, he heard a yell and realized that Bill lied on the ground, dead. Then he saw bullet holes through the wall. He didn't have time to process the fact that his bodyguard died as he was waiting for his computer came on. He heard the sound of a yell outside the door, then a sudden silence. Then he heard something in Russian outside. "Подкрепление приходят в", he heard a Soviet yell  (which means reinforcements are coming in). He needed to defend himself and get the computer-programmed ballistic missile to launch into Russia and force the Russians to retreat.


He stared dead at the computer. The screen was frozen.... Then he heard banging on the door. Then 7 soldiers rushed in through the door as it broke. They aimed their guns at Jake but his reflexes were faster than the amount of time the soldiers had to pull the trigger. He picked up a nearby rocket launcher and aimed for the torso of the soldier in the middle of the group. He pulled the trigger. Then, a second later, there was nothing left of the soldiers stood at.


He jumped back on to his computer. It didn't seem to be working. He waited a few more moments... Nothing. He then banged on his computer screen and it broke. "CRAP!", he yelled. Now he was feeling a sense of desperateness. He thought he might have a chance to stop the war but he didn't have a single chance...


"I might still have a chance...,” he said to himself as he tried to turn on his computer one more time. "Please!" He yelled at his computer. "Just work for once!” He waited... 2 seconds...3 seconds... The computer finally turned on.


He attached the missile that he invented to the computer and pressed the red button. The rocket fired. He knew the rocket needed at least 2 minutes to hit Russia so he waited impatiently.


2 minutes passed. He turned on the radio to see if the missile hit Russia. The news was on:


"We interrupt this broadcast to inform you that there was a missile that landed around Moscow, Russia. The Russians are backing up. We might just turn the tide of this war!" The reporter said. Jake was happy. He just saved his country from a foreign threat...


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Final reflection:


I've loved this semester and i really took some thinking into what I am going to write:


One of my favorite assignments this year was the poetry unit. i personally love poetry and i dont care if my classmates insult me on my poem. i think the assignments wern't too difficult during the poetry unit. for this unit, i actually got my notebook in on time :). i really hated the personal narritive unit 'cause im sick and tired about writing about my boring life "_._.  I liked the usage of the wiki very much because its a very unique new idea that connects technology with middle schoolers. i think we should keep it in use next year.


I think english was one of my favorite classes and i really liked my this i belive essay and my psa. i think this was a very fun class with good classmates of all kinds. i thought i have to say a thanks to you Mr.Kabodian for giving me a wonderful class to grow in. i didnt like the notebooks so much though. i thought we might just check each assignment nightly. i am not a very good orginized person so i might accedentally write the entry on a scrap sheet of paper and forget about it :P. but still, i think i've learned a lot of writing techniques that my other writing teachers throughout the years never taught me. In the poetry unit, i've learned a lot of literary terms i've never heard of; like personification and stanza.


This year, i think the use of the wiki also was very awesome. like i mentioned before, it allowed us to do many new things we could never do without technology. it allowed us to also put our writing on the web for others to see. I'm personally not a shy person. The only thing i didn't like about the wiki is the fact that i cant get on at home for some reason. i've tried a million browsers... it still doesnt work.


well, thanks for your time. I look forward to an even better 2nd semester. 



Poem: Applesauce

I like apple sauce...

People make fun of me about it.

But i dont care 'cause i love it,

so i dont throw a fit.


Applesauce is so soft...

Like a very coushiny bed.

I LOVE it very so much,

Applesauce is stuck in my head


Oh my gosh, applesauce is so creamy...

Like some cool and tasty ice cream.

I keep saying, i LOVE applesauce,

It even comes in my dreams.


Ok, people,

im really outta rhymes,

please dont let me fail this class,

I'll finish it another time.


This i Belive: Music

I Belive in Music....

music is an important part of my daily life. i am a violist and i love to listen to all sorts of music; though i love classical music the most. music also fuels my life, aside from my daily intrests. i love to listen to music all the time, including when i feel emotionful. for example, when i feel down or sad, i like sad music. when i feel joyful, i listen to happy music like synphonys or etudes. when i am writing, i listen to music. when i do math, i listen to music. music is a fuss in my life. it helps me concentrate, stay calm and confort me at the same time

I Belive in Music...

music also is an inspirational source. music tells my mind to be able to think of something unique out of sheer boredom. This also will help me in ways you cant imagine. i like to listen to music when i sleep. this helps me think of good dreams; inspiring me to be a better person when i wake up, my personal ability changing overnight.

I Belive in Music...

I've learned many things from music. now i even try composing music. most importantly, music taught me to never give up; proving to be a passionate perpetual song, just like life.

I Belive in Music!


Persuasive Essay: why School should start later


I think school should start later because we don’t like it starting so early. These are some reasons:


First of all school starts way too early. I don’t think kids get enough sleep, especially at my age; when kids start to become pre teens. At this time, we lose self-control so it’s a bad time to make a change in time. Sometimes we don’t sleep earlier like we should.


Another reason is that when we don’t get enough sleep, we lose concentration. In class, we might take a nap or fall asleep in class, that’s one way that our grades go down; we don’t have enough energy to study.


Unlike some other reasons, getting up early also means sleeping early. If we sleep early, we lose free time. This is connected to how we study. We also can’t concentrate if we have no time to ourselves. Let me explain; so like I said, we can’t concentrate without energy. If we don’t have energy, we take like 4 or 5 hours to do homework ‘cause we’re too tired to do it. This way, we only have like a bit of free time, also pushing our bedtime. Then the same cycle happens again because we can’t get enough sleep.


We, as kids cant make a big change to the world. So we need to grow up. One way to do that is to go to school and get good grades. To do that, we need to be fully engaged and ready to study. And that relates to when school starts. This is honestly the only possible way for us to learn better under less pressure and stay fully alert and engaged.


Kids need more sleep picture video:


Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: a70c916f565347c193c15e12948eed81



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