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Welcome to my wiki page.This is where i will be posting my rough and final drafts..Over the year there will be lots of stories i will be putting on this page...If ya look at any of my stories feel free to comment and tell me what ya think if ya see something ya don't like tell me and ill try to fix it up..



Fireworks On the 3rd






As a student at MMS we are expected to sometimes lose homework, leave textbooks in your locker and leave folders in other classes. If student s a provided tablets, they can save homework onto a document for each class, and download textbooks and reading books onto the digital tablet. Students need this opportunity to show responsibility and ownership.


As always when using equipment provided by your school if students are to lose tablet not only should they pay a fee but they should have to face the consequences.


Receiving these tablets will not only enhance learning for each kid but will also make learning in each class fun in an educational way. Students will be ready and pumped up to go to the next class because they would have something to look forward to.


Before receiving their tablets every student should sign a contract stating that they will not use this object as a toy or treat it wrong. Also each parent should sign papers saying that they are okay with this opportunity and that if their kid damages, breaks or misplaces it they will have to pay the FULL fee.


In conclusion if students were given this opportunity I think it would be great. It would show leadership, ownership and responsibility in every kid at MMS.



Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 83e65c9149ea4bafb4d9e837a134775f



My Poem

I woke up this morning and thought of you

i know its weird but i did.

Anytime i see you my heart skips a beat

When i see you in the hall i go speechless

i know its only been a couple months but i do

think of you.




My Science Fiction Story:



It was a bright, warm summer day in the year of 3021 and the Scroller family went out for a stroll when they noticed a nearby booth. Eager to see what it was, the family of three rushed over? When they arrived they learned that it was a contest for a digital in home nanny. The winner would receive the digital nanny forever. So, hoping to win they signed up. They put their address, name and cell number on the sign up sheet.


Later that month, while Danny and his little sister Maggie were at home waiting for their father to get home from work they got a phone call. It was the lady from the booth. Maggie rushed over to the phone jumping over coaches on her way.


“Hello”, Maggie said.


“Hi, um yes this is Jennifer from the contest your family signed up for, is this Daniel Scroller?”


“No this is Maggie, my dad is work. Why?”


“Well I was calling to tell you that…” Jennifer paused!


“Tell me what, what, what, tell me, I need to know!!” Maggie exclaimed.”


Okay, okay I will tell…you and your family have won the in home nanny!”


Maggie paused dropping the phone in shock. “Uh hello Maggie you still there?”



WON!!!! Maggie screamed while dancing.


“Stop screaming”. Her brother yelled running downstairs. “OMG YOU’RE SO ANNOYING”!!!!!!


 Maggie picked up the phone as her dad walked threw the front door. She then stopped screaming and hung up even though Jennifer was still talking.


“Uh, Hi dad! How are you doing?” Maggie said trying to act like nothing had happened.


“Hi what’s go-”?


Danny interrupted, “Dad Maggie has been yelling and screaming and dancing and its getting on my nerves”, Danny complained.


“Well how about you just got to bed little baby” Maggie exclaimed.


“Whatever!” Danny said in a nagging way.


“Okay stop arguing. Maggie why were you loud”?


“Okay so you know that booth we went to earlier this summer, the one where we signed up for a contest”? Maggie said eager to tell.


“Yea what about it?” Daniel said confused.


“Well we won it. Yea dad we won it all I cant believe it…OMG!!” Maggie said while starting to dance again.


“OMG!!! We did for real?” Her dad said with joy.


“Yea Dad we did, we really did!” Maggie exclaimed with joy.


Later that night after dinner Daniel decided he was gonna give Jennifer a call to schedule a time and day when she can come in install all of the equipment.


It was the morning of the installation day and Maggie woke up excited as ever. She woke up at 7:00…On a Sunday!!She got dressed in 5 minutes, record time. She went her dads room and woke him up he was kind of mad but he was excited for Jennifer to come over.Then she went in her brothers room and woke him up at first he didn’t

wake up so she went in the basement and got her bullhorn and yes, that did wake him up.


It was 10:00 and Jennifer was on her way to the house. Everybody was waiting for her to come so they could see what it was like to have a in-home nanny.


Jennifer pulled up in the drive way. Danny and Maggie fought over who was gonna help her with the supplies while Dad and Jennifer talked...


It took a long time for Jennifer to hook everything up, but she finally did. By 1:00 everything was ready and everybody was excited to see what would happen.But when Jennifer turned it on everything went wrong…


Book Reviews

Abby Seal

I very much enjoyed this book because of how it starts and how it ends.In the book  Operation Falcon a young sister and her older brother go threw thick and then together when they find out that in a couple weeks they're gonna be separated from the orphanage.They decide to come up with a plan called Operation Falcon to escape safely from the orphanage but it would take hard work and determination to do so.There sweet but bitter warden would do anything to keep them from leaving but her husband would do anything so that they can leave.Eventually they escape and travel around the state to find a place to stay and successfully succeed.I believe that you should read this book because it is aspiring and the author; Abby Seal takes her time to describe the characters and emotion throughout the story.




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