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Hannah A

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Hi, I'm Hannah. Some of my hobbies include lacrosse, choir, cello, and acting. I moved to Michigan two summers ago from Naples, Florida. I lived there my entire life, but I was born in Korea. My mother is Korean, and my dad is from Michigan. My favorite sport team is the Gators. GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some facts about me:

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite animal: Giraffe 

Pets: 1 cat, Nabby(it's a Korean word for Butterfly)

Favorite Food: Ramen Noodle-Beef

Favorite Book: Desperaux 

Favorite Movie: Bride Wars or Notting Hill(can't choose just one)

Favorite Sports Team: THE FLORIDA GATOR'S!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Song: Super Trouper 







This is a picture of me and my mom (up)




All of my Stories, enjoy!!!


My Personal Essay; 


Here is my persuasive essay


Persuasive and Free Speech examples; 


psa no kill shelters


My poem!


Hannah's This I Believe


Final Reflection


Hannah's Sci-Fi


Book Review


Why the Sky is Blue


O.Henry compare and contrast




Final Reflection-Hannah

Comments (21)

derogati190 said

at 12:46 pm on Sep 15, 2012

Hey Hannah!!!!!


lavey677 said

at 1:04 pm on Sep 17, 2012

hiya its jules !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

venkates845 said

at 12:06 pm on Sep 25, 2012

hey I like your page. How did you get your voki to be so small?


lavey677 said

at 12:51 pm on Sep 25, 2012

hiya hannah luv the message

derogati190 said

at 7:24 pm on Oct 4, 2012

I like your wiki page except the part about the gators!


marable982 said

at 5:46 pm on Oct 15, 2012

sup gal tiz samantha
yo voki is totly chillaxein. rockin out to my smooth jazz really dose it for me dawg.

AKabodian said

at 8:41 pm on Oct 21, 2012

Nice job creating questions and answers for the interview with Richie Perry! It sounds like an exciting book.

venkates845 said

at 12:54 pm on Nov 5, 2012

love ur wiki page!!!!!


washburn477 said

at 1:46 pm on Nov 5, 2012

Hey really like your wiki page (by the way its tess)

kaitany478 said

at 8:08 pm on Jan 10, 2013

I really like your poems!

townley901 said

at 1:31 pm on Mar 6, 2013


albee460 said

at 1:32 pm on Mar 6, 2013

Jonathan, that does NOT count as a real comment!!!!

townley901 said

at 1:33 pm on Mar 6, 2013


townley901 said

at 1:34 pm on Mar 6, 2013

Sorry Hannah, I meant, wow, I love your poem!

albee460 said

at 8:33 pm on Mar 12, 2013

That's more like it. ;)

derogati190 said

at 12:07 pm on Apr 2, 2013

Jonathan you really need to work on your comments

roboski342 said

at 1:34 pm on May 15, 2013

Hi Hannah, I'm commenting on your wiki page... Like you wanted.... I like your wiki page, your a good writer.(Sorry, I'm boring)

albee460 said

at 12:32 pm on May 22, 2013

John Paul!!! You are not boring!!! You are an amazing writer too!

roboski342 said

at 7:46 pm on May 24, 2013

Thanks Hannah.. .At least SOMEONE thinks I'm not boring! Just kidding!Haha! You should read my research paper on "The Consequences of Abusing Alcohol"( I'm never going to drink)It sounds kind of boring but I found out some surprising things. See you later!

derogati190 said

at 12:04 pm on May 28, 2013

Hi Hannah.... I like your research paper

dempsey483 said

at 2:01 pm on May 28, 2013

Bkjakljasdhkjlghakljfhdaskjlfhadsfsdahflkdjhflkasjhfjkdlsfhlksdjhfsalkjhfasdlkjfhalsdkfhasdlkjh I just felt like I needed to comment

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