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Final Reflection 2nd Semester


Research Paper Final Draft


My Favorite Things In The World - Poem


Some people think its hot

I say its not

Others say its greasy or gross

I say thats why I like it most

Whether you like thighs or breasts

There is only one that's best

The only thing that's so good its finger lickin'

My favorite thing in the world, Chick-fil-A Chicken


The gold flows from

the sky...

It catches the eye

of every passerby...

Temptation not of sugar plums but

of that perfect fry

The smell melts your will of will

Thoughts of ketchup make it harder still

There are not too many things with

such appeal as my Chicken McNugget Happy Meal

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sci-Fi Final Draft.


Book Review


O'Henry Compare Contrast Essay

"A Retrieved Reformation" and "After Twenty Years" have many differences and similarities. In this essay I will talk about a few of these similarities and differences. The differences include characters and personalities. The similarities include setting and story line.

In "A Retrieved Reformation", Jimmy is the bad guy and a safe robber and in "After Twenty Years" Jimmy is a cop. Another difference between the two stories is that Bob the criminal in "After Twenty Years" turns from a good person to a bad person after he moved west from New York. But, in "A Retrieved Reformation" Jimmy turns from a bad person to a good person in the end.

There are also similarities between the stories such as both stories involving criminal activity and the setting. Both settings are in the late 1800's. They also both involve criminal activity, because Bob the criminal in "After Twenty Years" was wanted and in "A Retrieved Reformation" Jimmy was a safe robber.

The stories have their similarities and differences. But O'Henry wrote very nice, well written stories.


This I Believe

I believe in shopping because it improves your mood, relieves stress and it shows how materialistic you are. Shopping improves your mood because you get to get rid of all those annoying dollar bills and you can do it with friends. One time, Kathleen and I went shopping, and I was happy. But then I almost got hit by a train. But it was the train that drives kids that want to waste their parents money by riding the train. Shopping also relieves stress because you don't have to worry about irrelevant things and you can just chill like a villain. Shopping shows how materialistic you are because you waste money on things that you probably already have 3 other things exactly like it but it doesn't matter because its cute.


Final Reflection

The writing process was easy, the topics were basic and you had freedom on what you wrote about. We had a reasonable amount of time to write and we were able to get lots of feedback. There was also lots of time to work with our classmates. In my opinion it was very easy to use the Wiki and Google Docs.

I learned how to not just look at Yahoo Answers for information and to use other websites. What I liked about the Wiki was the Vokis. I disliked that anyone can read it, and the only hard thing about the Wiki was the uploading things to it. 

Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: bfc37c3f2ed84be9988117d594575b7c


Cell Phone Use For Students In School

    Have you ever needed your cell phone in school, but you’re not allowed to use it because of school rules? Students should be allowed to use cell phones in school in case of emergency, for use during free time, and quick communication with people you otherwise wouldn’t be able to talk to.
    If a teacher wasn’t in class, if an incident happened where you needed immediate help and you weren’t able to leave the class, what would you do? If you had your cell phone you could call 911 or the office, whichever was necessary, but without it you wouldn’t be able to do anything.
    Have you ever finished a test or quiz early in class, with nothing to do? You’re pretty much stuck staring around at things in class. If you had a cell phone you could play a game on silent or text others who have finished with no disturbances to class.
    If you forgot your lunch, what would you do, not eat or mooch food off of others? If students could use cell phones, they could quickly text or call their parents to bring them a lunch. Or you left an important sheet of paper for a class at home on the table, you could easily communicate with your parents to bring it for you.  
    Students should be able to use cell phones  in school in case of emergency  for  use during free time and quick communication with people you couldn’t talk to otherwise.


Personal Essay

March of last year, Sammie, Kelsey and I went rollerblading at Edru, and we were just minding our own business, rollerblading around Edru. Then we went to eat some food, in the restaurant/arcade area. It tasted very yummy.
    Then we went to the rink again. We were rollerblading again, and all of the sudden this chubby little girl fell right in front of Sammie, Kelsey and me. We awkwardly skated around her and then sat down on the bench.
    So this big woman came up to us with the chubby little girl that fell. All the sudden this woman starts yelling at Sammie and the little girl started crying. “How dare you!” The big woman scolded for some unapparent reason.
    Sammie just looked very confused, and said, “What?”    “You think you can push my daughter over and get away with it?” The woman asked.
    Sammie, Kelsey and I made really confused faces at each other. “Umm, what are you talking about?”
    “I saw her fall, and you right behind her!” The woman said harshly.
    Sammie replied, “I didn’t push her!”
    “None of us pushed her, she just fell,” Kelsey added.
    The woman gave us a glare and hobbled away with her sobbing daughter. Then, later, we left and got McDonalds.

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keyesga342 said

at 9:21 pm on Sep 17, 2012

aha that funny!

fortino468 said

at 12:47 pm on Sep 25, 2012

Love the voki, but it scared me at first!

fortino468 said

at 2:01 pm on Nov 5, 2012

annabel why are you so awesome???? and annabel did not type this, it was all me Emily.

fortino468 said

at 2:01 pm on Nov 5, 2012

Annabel just typed that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

branson904 said

at 12:02 pm on Nov 29, 2012

thats pretty scary

branson904 said

at 12:04 pm on Nov 29, 2012

i mean the voki. like really a koala in outer space eating ice cream?!?!? go figure!!!!

cleary760 said

at 1:47 pm on Jan 8, 2013

silly anny

alamery246 said

at 7:52 pm on Mar 6, 2013

annieee!!! you almost got hit by a train!! poor anny!!

fortino468 said

at 1:00 pm on May 22, 2013

your essay about going to edru was really funny and really weird!

hurst619 said

at 12:51 pm on May 28, 2013

omq u r so gud at riting!12!!!!

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