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~~~~~~~~Welcome to my page! This is where I'll be posting my writing in the near future! Thanks for viewing my page, Enjoy!:D~~~~~~~~~

Afrah Alamery


6th hour


#1: Mr.K gave us a pretty decent time to write our assignments. The topics Mr.K gave us were interesting topics that we could easily find enough information for us to be able to write about them. I like how we got lots of time in class to use the laptops or go to the library to use the computers, so we wouldn’t have lots of stuff to do at home, which was a good thing. Mr.K gave us pretty good feedback so we could improve our writing methods. I really liked the wiki, we could easily share our stories with people in other hours and we could also see people’s stories from different hours and years, which I thought was pretty cool. The google docs were pretty easy to work with, because you didn’t have to worry about your story saving or not, because google automatically saved it for you, which was really helpful. The writing process was really easy for me, personally to work with because it helped me lots and it also Mr.K gave us a good time length.


#2.I think the wiki and the folder things that Mr.K keeps have kept me very organized, which has helped me learn better. The note cards Mr.K had us use helped, a lot. The way we researched was pretty easy.  I think overall, our whole class did pretty well with the three R’s. The computers in class helped so we wouldn’t have to work at home.


Anorexia Nervosa

Afrah Alamery

6th hour


     Anorexia nervosa is a serious issue that many teenagers, mostly teenage girls, deal with in today’s society. Anorexia is a complex condition that’s caused by social, emotional and biological factors. Anorexia is caused by a fear of gaining weight and by a distorted body image. Anorexia can also be caused by genetic tendency towards perfectionism, sensitivity and perseverance. Anorexia can be caused by a combination of biological, psychological and environmental factors, as well.

     Anorexics will find ways to lose weight even while just sitting down. Anorexics will insist in breaking down already small portions of food. They will help prepare meals for others, but refuse to eat along. Anorexics tend to drink lots of water.

     Anorexia is a condition that happens from a combination of social, emotional and biological factors. Family environment, past, emotional difficulties, low self-esteem and traumatic experiences are also contributions to Anorexia. Research also shows that genetic perseverance to Anorexia may possibly run in the family. Anorexia is usually caused by a fear of gaining weight, as well as a distorted body image. Genetic changes might cause some to develop Anorexia, others may have genetic tendency towards perfectionism, sensitivity and perseverance. A typical teenager’s preoccupation with physical appearance is a causal factor of Anorexia Nervosa.

     When an Anorexic’s body doesn't get the energy it needs, it goes into starvation mode and slows down to conserve energy. Anorexic’s hair will become dull and brittle and start to fall out in patches. Anorexic’s skin will become excessively dry. Severe malnutrition formed from Anorexia may cause, the following: extreme exhaustion, memory lapses, concentration difficulties, hallucinations and feeling paranoid. Anorexia can tip the body’s normal balance of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium). Anorexia can lead to muscle cramping, kidney complications and cardiac disturbances. Extremely low body weight may lead to death.

     Typically, attractive, intelligent young women who seek perfectionism, do well in school, follow directions and don’t have behavior problems suffer from Anorexia. Anorexic’s usually have one or more parent who is way too involved in their daughters life. Famous researchers feel anorexia and other eating disorders may have been related to “an obsession with thinness [which has] become a symbol of strength, independence, achievement, as well as attractiveness.”

     How do you know if you’re kid or friend or relative is suffering from Anorexia? Anorexics will usually strongly deny the fact that they have a problem. Anorexics will tend to weigh more or less than the average weight for their age. They will refuse to have an average weight. Anorexics will tend to think they’re overweight, even though they’re very thin. Anorexic’s lives will become more focused on controlling their weight. They will obsess over food, weight and dieting. They will strictly limit how much they eat. Anorexics will even exercise tons, even while they’re sick. They will find ways to avoid gaining weight, such as taking pills or maybe even by vomiting.

     Anorexia can be treated, which is a really good thing. Early treatments give the best chance of overcoming Anorexia. If an Anorexic is weighing too low, they’ll need their treatment in the hospital. The treatments will teach the Anorexics good eating habits. The treatments will also help them feel better about themselves. In most cases, treatment involves seeing a doctor and having regular counseling sessions. The goal of the treatment is to restore a healthy weight and healthy habits.

     If you’re pretty sure someone has Anorexia, you should talk to them or have them meet up with either a doctor or counselor. Anorexics will insist they don’t need help, even though they do.The sooner they get treated, the sooner they’ll be healthy again. Many people dealing with Anorexia are most likely also dealing with other illnesses such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse disorders.

     Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder caused by a distorted body image, biological factors, psychological factors and environmental factors. When Anorexic, your hair will start to fall out in patches and your skin will get really dry. You can be treated for Anorexia. Although, if you’re too underweight,you might have to get treated in the hospital. Anorexia usually occurs in teenage girls, but is also possible in boys. Many people that are dealing with Anorexia nervosa are usually diagnosed with other illnesses, such as: depression, anxiety and substance disorders. If you think someone is Anorexic, you should have them speak to a counselor or a doctor. The sooner Anorexics are treated, the sooner they’ll be healthier again.




#2<http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/anorexia/D500606/DISECTIONCAUSES> by the mayo clinic staff


#4 Weight: A teenage concern

Landau, Elaine

Lobster books, copyright 1991

Dutton, New York


#5<http://webmd.co/mentalhealth/anorexia-nervosa-topic-overview> by the webmd medica referance


Afrah Alamery 

6th hour 



O. Henry’s two creations, one versus the other 


Do you know a wanted criminal? If so, what would you do if you knew a wanted criminal? Better yet, what if that wanted criminal is an old friend, would you still turn him in? In the two marvelous stories of O. Henry, the main characters are wanted criminals. After Twenty Years and A Retrieved Reformation have many similarities as well as multiple differences. At times the two stories might be the complete opposite of each other.


          After Twenty Years as well as A Retrieved Reformation have a wanted criminal as one of the main characters. Both characters had a form of communication. Whether they sent letters or notes, they still communicated. For example, in After Twenty Years Bob handed Jimmy Wells a note that had a message which was a form of communication. Both characters/criminals in After Twenty Years and A Retrieved Reformation choose what they think is the best choice, who knows if it is? Both A Retrieved Reformation and After Twenty Years have a twist ending thanks to the great work of O. Henry, good job O. Henry.


          Even though both stories have many similarities, they do have differences as well. In After Twenty Years Jimmy is turned in by bob, where as in A Retrieved Reformation the cop doesn't turn Jimmy in. Also, in A Retrieved Reformation the character goes from a bad person to a good person however, in After Twenty Years instead of staying a good person the characters decided to go bad. After Twenty Years is Protagonist/Antagonist because two of the characters are old friends. A Retrieved Reformation takes place in a small town in Alabama which differs from where After Twenty Years takes place, New York.


          Those two stories of O. Henry are certainly amazing. They had their differences like how A Retrieved Reformation takes place in a small town in Alabama although After Twenty Years takes place in New York, now that’s a big difference. Another difference would be how in A Retrieved Reformation the main character/criminal goes from a bad person to a good one, on the other hand in After Twenty Years instead of the main character/criminal staying a good person, they become a bad one. Even though those two stories had their differences, they certainly did have their similarities. A similarity would be how the main character did what they thought was best, which may seem wrong at times, but not always.

In both stories the characters had a form of communication, whether it was sending someone a letter, or maybe just writing someone a short note. Thanks to the great minds of O. Henry, both stories had an amazing twist ending.


Afrah Alamery

6th hour

                           my explanatory myth:why the sky is blue                                

The mistake that turned into perfection, Blue perfection


Once upon a time, a really, really long time ago Zeus and Voldemort were having a paint ball fight. At least that’s how it started, Voldemort decided to play a prank on Zeus. The sky was orange, so Voldemort covered the whole sky in a brown sheet. Zeus is allergic to the color brown (long story).  Zeus woke up, looked out of his window and was surprised by the color of the sky.


 Zeus went outside for his daily walk. Zeus was surprised nothing unusual happened. Voldemort Wanted to see Zeus freak out, so Voldemort pulled the sheets down and they slowly fell on Zeus. The sheets covered his eyes so he couldn’t see; Zeus went rolling down the hill. He went down and down and down and down and down, and then ran into a bucket of purple paint and a paint squirter.


There was Voldemort at the bottom of the hill, as well with multiple paint buckets and a paint squirter filled with green paint. Voldemort squirted green paint on Zeus; Zeus squirted purple paint on Voldemort, Voldemort put gray paint into the paint squirter this time and Zeus used blue paint.


Zeus missed and hit the sky. Zeus took a step back and smiled, he actually liked the color blue: it suited the sky. Voldemort on the other hand disagreed with Zeus, Voldemort always disagreed with Zeus. So Voldemort put all the colors together and then started squirting them at Zeus, the buildings , the street signs , houses , people , stores and trees. Zeus didn’t really care, all Zeus really cared about was how pretty that blue spot looked on the sky.


Voldemort tried to squirt paint all over the sky. As much as Voldemort tried, he couldn’t hit the blue spot. Then, when he finally got the paint squirter to be angled correctly, he ran out of paint colors! Luckily, Zeus still had the blue bucket of paint, so Zeus squirted the blue paint all over the sky. 


Zeus was so happy and pleased with the new color of the sky. On the other hand, Voldemort wasn’t, he went stomping away. As Voldemort was stomping away, he wasn’t paying attention and then he fell into another bucket of blue paint and the blue paint splashed onto the sky at the other parts of the world.


Zeus thanked Voldemort for helping him paint the other skies blue; Voldemort didn’t mean to help him out though so he went stomping home.


~The End






Book of choice Wrap-Up~The clique series #13:My Little Phony

 By: Lisi Harrison

"Sugar,Spice & Everything lice" -The Pretty Committee  


  •  The pretty committee~Massie Block, Alicia Rivera, Dylan Marvil & Kristen Gregory. A group of friends. Together, always. 

  • The Lyons move into the neighborhood. The Lyons are old friends of the blocks. Massie Block is told to be nice and welcome Claire. The Lyons are living in the Block's guest house, next door. The girls have their ups & downs with Claire, Their giggles & their tears and also their memories & their evil schemes. The pretty committee plays revenge for Claire for ditching the Pretty Committee, and thinks don't look so good.   

  • Massie's ninth grade crush wants a lip kiss from Massie, for Christmas.  Massie doesn't want that back though. To take her mind off what her ninth grade crush wants Massie is planning revenge for Claire since Claire decided to leave the Pretty Committee. Things aren't looking good for Claire. Massie even has to make up lies to scare away Claire's friends...The pretty Committee finds it entertaining. Alicia get to go to Spain..only if she won't shop at awl between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Guess Alicia doesn't get to go to Spain after she she's the cutest Ralph Lauren Sunglasses. "No pain,no Spain". Dylan doesn't worry about the size of her clothes..only is she's worrying about is the size of her clothing budget. Kristen is sick of being the broke girl in the Pretty Committee..maybe she won't be the broke girl for long. "Misery loves Company." Claire's feed up with Massie and won't let her bully her anymore. "What goes around, comes around." Claire use to let Massie get away with her schemes before, not any more after Massie scared away Claire's friends with the Fake lice.

  • I like how the pretty committee stayed together always through everything no matter what. What i didn't like is how Massie took stuff to the extreme with Claire,to the point where Claire lost some friends.

  • I would recommend this book because it's a fun thing to read on your spare time. There's those scenes where you find something hilarious and you won't stop laughing and then there's the other scenes where you just fell so bad for someone, that you almost fell guilt.  

~The Clique . . . the only thing harder than getting in is staying in.  



my science fiction story:


I think just like them

     Well a couple of days ago, I got the new system installed into my brain. I didn't want it but my roboteacher and my parents made me. I don't see why though. It's just artificial intelligence; I'd rather learn at a slower pace and learn everything I need to instead of having to have an operation and a whole new system installed into my brain. I'm kind of mad at them for forcing to have the new system installed into my brain. Well i have to go take my IQ test.

     WOW! I can't believe it i scored way better! All because of a little chip. my IQ before was 73 and now it's 185! Wow, such a big difference! Before it was barely 100 and now it's pretty much 200! I think I'm starting to like this operation. Maybe. The doctor took me to see the other patients who got the same operation as me. One patient turned out to be a professor in chemistry. Another had a negative outcome and became a janitor. Then i got upset. I thought what if that happens to me. I'll be a janitor. No career or anything big. I'd rather be where I was before the operation, I wasn't retarded or in special classes, I just learned at a slower pace. I didn't have classes with the retarded or the "unlogical" like my principle called them. I started panicking. What if that happens to me. Will my parents..or just my mother. My father passed away 3 years ago in a car accident. My mom always got frustrated when I wouldn't score the best on my tests, my dad would come in and say "Natalie,calm down  honey we don't want to see your beautiful face frustrated", and my mom would smile and hug and apologize for pressuring me. Then my dad would say "how about you go make us some warm drink to soften our soul" I never really understood what he meant by that but I guess it was suppose to make us calmer. All three of us. My dad would sit down and explain the topic to me carefully and have me explain it back. I miss my dad. Anyways, what if my dad from up there decided to give up and have no hope in me, just leave me hanging.


I'm in the hospital. All of the sudden I'm not wanting to eat. I don't know, I just can't eat. I don't try to do that on purpose. I don't know. I just can't eat. I just want to sleep. I kind of just doze off while my mom or anyone else would talk to me. I don't do that to try to be rude, it just happens, I don't know why or how but it happens.


Oh my. I'm so freaked out right now. The doctor says I might be dying. They're not sure if it has to do with the operation but they said "Allen, you’re dying slowly and by this time tomorrow I don't think you'll be alive". When the doctor said that my mother's heart and mine both dropped. My mom came and told that the operation had a strong effect, so strong that my body couldn't handle. She told me not to be nervous, or anything because dying eventually happens to everyone and she said I was leaving her proud of me because I tried and wouldn't give up. She said other stuff but I couldn't hear her. I felt so bad. I felt like the doctors gave an expiration date. I Allen M. 17 years old might die tomorrow. I have a little bit of advice for everyone:

No matter what, stay who you are. God made you like that for a reason, that reason isn't to go get plastic surgery for your face or and operation to make you smarter. Being yourself and learning at your own pace is better than artificial intelligence, any day. Please let my piece of advice lead to the right choice; never to change who, what or how you look like.

~Allen M. 17 years old. May 3rd, 1992-March 23, 2009





~~~Writing reflection~~~~

Afrah Alamery

6th Hour 

This I believe...


I believe everyone should be respected and never be judged by an appearance or a rumor. It doesn’t matter if that person is your friend or not and it doesn’t matter if that person hangs out with the “cool kids”. I believe no one should be judged EVER..and especially by a rumor/gossip.

I believe nobody should ever be judged by someone else’s thought unless they’ve been through everything that person has been through. Most people..(not all though) disrespect or bully others because the “cool kids” don’t hang out with that person or don’t talk to that person, which I personally think is a really lame reason and really that’s giving the “cool kids” too much power.

When people are judged or called names, some may take it too seriously and commit suicide, hurt themselves, have thoughts about hurting themselves, cut themselves, starve themselves and cry themselves to bed every night. Maybe the person you’re disrespecting and judging may take it as they can also do the same to others, which is sending out a terrible message. Some may disrespect their peers or their elders so they can get attention because they’re feeling “uncool” or left out. The more you disrespect or judge people then worse influences will be sent out and may eventually lead people to doing stuff they’re going to regret one day.

       I’ve been disrespected and judged so many times and I always want to take out my anger on another innocent peer that hasn’t done anything to me at all and then I stop for a second and think about how that person hasn’t done anything to me at all and how if I say something to them they might do something crazy like kill themselves and then I’ll get in trouble.

       No one deserves to be judged or disrespected. “I’m just kidding, god can’t you take a joke and it was just a joke, quit being so sensitive” aren’t excuses. Everyone she be treated as they want to be treated. Sure the person you disrespect smiles or laughs but it’s just to hide the pain, I mean who wants to remember the pain they’ve been through? “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”.





How are you?

How are you?

When someone ask "How are you?"

What do you say?

"I'm fine,thanks"

or,do you say how you really feel?

No one actually says how they feel,

You just hear the usual "I'm fine","I'm good"

No one says what they really feel,It's time to speak up. 




I think school

is a waste of 7 hours


Then I remember...

I met most my friends there,

I have fun at school,

I become smarter,

I socialize with my friends there,

I giggle,

I laugh,

I  whisper.



I guess school might turn out to be a fun place,

ehhh, who knows 



~~My PSA~~



     Persuasive Essay:



6th hour

Students should use laptops instead of textbooks

I strongly believe students should have the choice to either use a laptop instead of textbooks. Why do I strongly believe that? Well, if every student’s textbooks are replaced with a laptop, every student only needs one laptop unlike with textbooks who knows how many textbooks you need. With a laptop it’s easier to get answers to any kind of question. Also, with a laptop you don’t use any paper unless you’re printing something out. For these reasons and more I think every student’s textbooks should be replaced with a laptop.


First of all you only need one laptop unlike textbooks when you need anywhere from two textbooks to five or six textbooks. Instead of carrying around all your textbooks or having to go to your locker to get a different textbook for each class you can just carrying around a laptop to all your classes.


My second reason is that you can get an answer to any kind of question that comes to your mind with the click of a button. Instead of having to use a different textbook for each of your questions you can just search your question and in no time you will have the answer you’re looking for. In a textbook information is limited unlike the web there’s no limit.


My third and final reason is that you don’t really use any paper unless you’re printing something out. Textbooks are made out of hundreds of paper. Trees give us air and paper comes from trees and we need the air to breathe. Laptops don’t use any paper which is saving the air which we need to survive.


When using a laptop each student only needs one laptop unlike needing anywhere from two to six textbooks. You can get answers much easier and quicker than a textbook. And you don’t really use any paper unless you’re printing something out. For those reasons I believe students should use a laptop instead of their multiple textbooks.




Personal Essay:

When I rode my first two wheeler bike

I had been trying to ride on just two wheels for weeks..maybe even months.I got on and rode for like 2 minutes...then SPLAT!!i’d fall on my side and then I’d get a new scar/bruise. I remember my parents having to go to the store and buy a pack of bandages every week. 

I finally stayed on the for a couple of minutes.Then i jumped of my bike and ran to tell my parents.My dad said if i would ride my bike and not fall off one more time we’d go buy a “big girl” bike for me.I couldn’t wait to go buy my “big girl” bike. So I stayed on for almost 10 minutes.I was so proud of myself.

When we got to the store it was love at first sight!I saw the bike the perfect bike! My dream bike! It was a pink Disney Princesses,with a basket and ribbons on the handles.I was so happy when i saw it!i couldn’t stop stop begging my dad for the bike.Then I saw a matching helmet and a pink bell to go with it.When I saw those two accessories it was the best day ever!When my dad got handed the receipt..that bike was officially mine..no one could take it away from me.

The car ride home was about how pretty and cool my bike was.All my conversations for the following days,maybe even a week were about bikes,and how when you can ride a two wheeler bike you're so cool.

Learning to ride a two wheeler bike was a painful expirence and a big milestone in my life that I'll always remember.



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