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6 hour



Why school should start later in the day   

I think school should start later in the day because kids don’t get enough sleep and if they don’t get enough sleep they would do really bad in schools and if they do really bad in school they couldn’t get a scholarship.One reason they don’t get enough sleep could be that they were staying up all night doing their homework or they were studying for a test. The second reason could be that kids would have to wake up early to go to the bus or go walk to school. After school activity could be the problem for kids not getting enough sleep. Another reason could be is that they won’t be able to eat breakfast because if they wake up on the wrong time they would be too busy to get ready and that if they miss breakfast they would not have enough energy to do their work in class.And if school starts later in the day people could have more free time and they would have time to their homework and if they have more time to their homework they could pass their class and if they can’t do their homework in the night they could be really tired that they weren’t thinking straight and if they weren’t thinking straight they could have a bad grade on their homework and on class work.
Another reason could be that kids have to go to school early to talk to their teacher about something in class I also think that if they woke up early that they would probably come back from school and fall asleep and if they did that they wouldn’t have enough time to do their homework and then they would stress out on their homework and their grade. Kids also could have siblings that  their school starts the same time as them so if one of them gets to school on time the other one could be late to school and that could affect their grade.  My conclusion is schools should start later in the day so kids can have more sleep in the day. 



Never alone


                     No matter where,

                     No matter when,

                     I am always with you,

                     Through thick or  thin,

                     You are a blessing,

                      Not a curse,


You make the feelings,

from my heart disaperse.

You are a straw to my berry,

the icecream to my cone,and

don't ever forget it,

you are never alone.




In her small hand,

she held it tight,

Her only wish,

her wish tonight,

She sends her wishes,

with upmost care,

A child like kiss and a little prayer,


She had to climd up on a hill,

over a bridge,

where the water was still,

she watched the water has her wish fell,


Deep inside her wishing well,

a gentle smile fell into place,

upon her sweet innocent face,

a simple wish,

a wish so true,


a wish for love,

a wish for you.




my reflection: I did not like the service annocment I did not find it interesting.

                             I did like poems because I got to express my feeling in my poem.

                             I did not like the personal essay because I thought it was boring and I DO NOT LIKE essays.  



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kang609 said

at 2:54 pm on Jan 10, 2013


cruse369 said

at 9:49 am on Feb 13, 2013

Really enjoyed reading your poem called I wish!! :)

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