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                                                     the adventure of arlo       

                           (ring x2) Arlo get up its time for school, do i have to go school why did we move in the first place.

                 Cause I told you this a million time, because I got transferred jobs. I know but I just want to settle down instead of moving every where. Well this time it might be different I hope arlo says to him mom as they both get into the car and drive away. Were is this school anyway how far is it, its not that far it just a couple block away way are you so worried said mom I thought you liked going to different schools and meeting new people she explained to arlo. Yea but this time its different I really liked bath-ridge high school I had many friends there, And you will make more friends here think of it like like like ........... like what arlo screams like what i don't even wanna switch schools in the first place. For a while it was silent until my mom told me to get out the car by that she I was already at school, for some reason she put all my things in a suit case without telling me she told me to take them out of the out of the car and after I closed it shut she honked her horn and told me that she left a note in my suit case.


                                                                           I grab my suit case and started to walk to the school it was big I mean really big it looked like a mall on the inside but on the outside it looked like a federal prison almost like a court yard anyway I didn't  know were to go, I wondered around the large building until reached a table with a bunch of kids lined up in front of them. There was eight lines, it was almost like they were registering for school or something, some parents were there they were hugging their kids like their not going to see them for year, their was tear and hugging every wear I even heard someone say have fun in boarding school, I let it sink in for a little and the it hit me, why I had to get up so early, why I had a suit case, and why their was a no........... Arlo paused for a second he was speech less he was confused and nerves. All this time were moving she wanted to get rid if me some how, no wonder why we lived on the other side of the country this school is like 24 hours away. Arlo was puzzled he couldn't believe why his mom drop him of here. Arlo was next in line, he had to fill out a couple forms it took him 20 minutes, he went up to turn in his forms and the lady handed him his key and a paper with his classes on it and a locker number. After get his things he looked down and started walking to his dorm number 5657 he walked up a the stair and walked through a hall way filled with kids his age or a little older but it didn't matter to him. As soon as he arrived to his dorm he opened the door and looked inside, it looked like someone had already been in their he thought, the bed was make, theirs were posters on the wall, a flat screen TV with a play station 3 next to it with a lot and I mean a lot of game. As I unpacked a note fell to the floor it was in an envelope, I picked it up and opened it it was kinda heavy, as I took it out and started reading it I was shocked. What it had said and why would my mom tell me this know, I can't believe it, the notes said.    


      Dear Arlo

                           I know this is under short notice we were moving again, I know you hate it but its for the best and there's something that's been eating me up for a long time, it kills me to say this but your father didn't really die he he he.................. left it was for a good reason and know that your fifteen I can tell you the reason why your father left is because he's a god. And what I mean by that is he's the king or shape shifting, he can shape shift into many types of animal but you are the only off spring of he's that can turn it two of the main animals, but theirs only to you have to master and its to turn into the king of the jungle the great mighty lion its gonna take sometime. And this animals is very important for you to master and its the wolf, it was your fathers first animal spirit and it will be yours now master these element each animal have a power the lion has wings and breathes and controls the element of water and the wolf has super strength and speed and controls fire after reading this note burn it. That's why left you hear Arlo so you can be safe, that why I drop you of in NYC so you can search for the 5 masters of the elements, find them contain the skills you need, when we meet up again in couple of weeks and the week can talk love mom         

                                                                               TO BE CONTINUED



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alamery246 said

at 1:41 pm on May 29, 2013

afrah is sooo nice, don't deny.

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