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Hello welcome to my wiki page

My name is Dillon i like to play the guitar and play football and also ride my bike.

I will be putting my projects on here when i get some on here so if you want to check them out you are more than welcome to come back

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When people die

It makes you want to cry


Is it fair?

When death come

At the least expected time

I wish I knew the answer

When it happens

You just wonder why


Personal Essay

When I was six years old my dad got sick. My dad had cancer and I felt bad and I thought he was sick so I thought it would go away because I had been sick like vomiting that sorda thing and I realized it wasn't tnat . One day I went to my aunt Lisa's house and the next day she gets a phone call from my mom and my mom said to bring me home and she said OK? Then when I arrived my mom would not let me go through the front door because that was were my dad Watson his hospis bed and when I came through the back door she sat me down and she sat there silent for a minute than said hun daddy passed away and of course I didn't now what that meant than I said what dose that mean and she said daddy died she was so upset and when she said that my jaw dropped. I ran to the living room and there he was laying there on his bed covered. Than I started balling and than these people showed up and took his body and than I went to the funeral and watched him get barrier and that was the saddest moment of my life.


This I Believe Essay







Your Wiki Page


This is your individual wiki page for 7th grade English.  You can delete some or all of these words after you read them and make this page look the way you want it to look.  (You'll still be able to see them on the Template page under the Folders for each hour)



You will be graded on your wiki at several points this school year:

  • you will have the option of posting your final drafts on your wiki page; other times it will be a requirement.  Either way, you will receive credit on those assignments for your efforts and for the quality of your post

  • you will have a Writing Portfolio grade due at the end of each semester (January and June).  More information about this assignment is on the Writing Portfolio page


Here are some other things to keep in mind: 

  • you and your parents signed a form saying you will use this wiki responsibly
    • please do not put others down or use profanity (or upload any songs/videos that use profanity)
    • keep any comments you make on other wiki pages positive and school-focused
  • make your page uniquely yours 
    • share your hobbies, activities, favorite sport teams, extra writing...
  • use your time well when we have computer time
    • this means that you don't talk too much and/or be distracted by your friends when you have time to work
    • this also means that you try your hardest and do your best
    • if you don't finish your assignments in the time allowed, it becomes homework
  • part of the fun of wikis, and websites in general, is that you can create links to other websites
    • if you include something about Yellowstone National Park in your writing, you can create a link to it
      • find the web address for Yellowstone National Park and copy it (right click, Copy)
      • highlight the word you want to be the link (Yellowstone, for example)
      • on this page (in Edit mode), click on the globe above that says "Insert/Edit Link" if you scroll over it
      • under "Link type" choose URL
      • paste the Yellowstone address in the lower box and click OK
      • click on Save in the lower left corner and then see if it worked
  • here are a couple tips when changing the background color
    • for some reason, pbwiki's editing program doesn't seem to allow a whole page background change (if you figure it out, let me know).  So, you may have to fill in the section in which you want to change the color; you can do this by using the Tab key on your keyboard.  Tab through the area, then highlight it.  Then go up to the Background Color tab (above, left) and change the color to one you like
    • make sure you choose a color isn't too dark; the font color (black, for example) needs to be able to be read over your background color (brown background would make a black font hard to read).
  • here are a couple tips regarding font choice
    • please stay somewhat consistent with your font choice; it's easier to read than... if it changes too often
    • try to make the font size of titles a bit larger; you can use the Format area above and choose a Heading
  • keep your wiki page organized
    • feel free to add a page that's linked to your page if you want; it's a good idea to make a link back to your page
    • if you add photos, include brief captions about what's going on or who is in the photos or why the photo is on your wiki (no last names, please) and give credit to the source of the photos
    • you can make folders on the Side Bar area; maybe a folder for each of your other three Core areas (Social Studies, Science, and Math) and/or a Hobbies Folder
  • please do not add plugins right away; we will get there at some point.



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