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Will's Page

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This is Will's page I like  to play soccer I run cross country and snowboard I like potatoe chips and being lazy. I like to listen to music. My favorite band is the doors.




The Incedent At Mad River Mountain.


I love to snowboard. And at my old school we had something called ski club. Where a bus would take us to a place called Mad River Mountain. We did this every Tuesday 3:30-9:00. I was only there for two weeks because I broke my leg on the second week and couldnt  snowboard any more.


The first time I went there me and my friends went to the Mayhem Park. Thats where the ramps and rails are. The Mayhem Park is a double black diamonde. When I was there I mostly did the rails and didn't do the ramps. It was diffcult to snow board because I was wearing jeans and forgot my snow pants. I didnt notice that they were wet unitil I went to go eat.


After that we left my friend Evan left his helmet on the bus so I grabd it for him. Next week he wasnt a ski club so I wore his helmet which saved my life that day. I was at the top of the hill and went down going towards a ramp that had about a ten foot drop to an S grind. But when I was going off the ramp I hit a patch of ice and had a sketchy take off. I had went of the ramp and landed right on my leg and fractured it then my face hit the grind  I had a gash on my head everything was fuzzy after that I have faint memorys of some people takeing me down hill. I was straped to a sled which had two ropes around it. Two guys where taking me down from a hill on a sled. There was a snow mobile because for some reason the snow mobil couldnt get to where I was because there was no path for it to get to me. I didnt care much for what the doctor said I remeber he said I had six or nine stiches in my head and he said I fractuered my leg. The scar on my leg is very faint and hard to see but you can still see the scar on my head.because of that I missed the entire snowboarding club. And thats how I broke my leg.




For class we have to write about a persuasive essay mine is about how adults and teens abuse there bodies with massive weight gain and a very low weight is a problem anorexia is popular with people and is a terriable thing. Another problem is smoking and drinking. Not only adults do this so do teens. They are killing themselves with these toxins posining there bodies with drugs. 87/100 teens say they cant stop smoking and admit to doing a drug in the last month drugs like spice lsd marujaina ect.


People abuse them selves with weight gain. This can affect your life with thighroid dieses, type one, and two diabetes, heart attacks, and high blood preasure. you can make a diffrence in you weight if you try. You have to make and effort the small things help going on a jog, riding a bike, stop eating fast food. Even if you get something healthy from a fast food restraunt it will most likely still be contaminated with trans fats or they can be salted. Just cause its green doesnt mean its healthy. Mcdonalds salads are coated with salt. There are other things that wont help if you eat a Skinny Cow Snack it wont make a diffrence you will still gain weight.


Anorexia is a major problem just to be accepted by the other teens. And east lansing high girls wont eat lunch and skip dinner. This will make you weak your immune systeam can be permantley damage and your bones will become weak if you exercise your bones will be damaged your musles can become weaker be destroyed this can hurt your heart and other major organs an anorexit can become sick and damage there bones in a just a few weeks. This cant go on any longer is permantly damaging you body worth it.


And finaly drug abuse adults do it not just teens. Parents can become addictied to opiets and pain killers such as oxeycontinet and tramadol these can easily be obtained. Pharmecy workers and sell them for low prices to anyone who asks. These drugs weaken your brain and other important body parts. Teens are some of the worst I've seen teenagers steal pain killers from there grandparents just to get high. Is it worth it lying to your family just for these drugs. i've walked into gas stations and seen teens asking if someone they will buy them beer and cigarets. Its a terriable thing no one cares about there health. People will buy cigarets and alchohal for teens not knowing what will happen. This could end in there deaths. Close friends of my brother have died from drunk driving and these drugs. There are people trying to stop this punk rock has become and intrest for people and the band members are strating new trends to stop this its called being straight edge where you draw and X on both of your hands to show you wont endanger yourself with drugs alchoal and smoking.


These are some important things people should know about and help stop. BABY CAKES



Banned Book Project


Holand my older brother just came into my room he's not suppose to be here he's suppose to be at Pency Prep. "Holand are you ok you'r suppose to be at Pency."  He responds with silence I can now tell that he was kicked out of school agian. I love to spend time with my brother but he's annoying when he's drunk. He's going on and on about running away and leaving new york this time  he's serious. And I want to go with him. He's the only person in my family that makes me happy and I want to run away with him. But now he's trying to tell me its better of for me here at home. After that I stormed off. He caught up to me and after that we went to a carnival. I forgot about the runing away stuff after that. And I doubt that he will even do it anymore. He decided to take me home and I went to bed. About a week later I got a message that he was in a hospital and is very sick. I hope he's ok.





Today I Hoped

Today I smiled

and things didnt seem so bad

today I shared with someone else

                                                                     a little bit of hope I had

 today I worked with what I had 

and wanted nothing more

and what seemed like only weeds were flowers at my door

today I complained a little less

and forgot my weariness

today I loved a little more.



The room goes silent 

you look at your feet

your silence will be the death 

dont give me sympahty dont pitty me

dont change you'r face when your with me

please remeber beauty is just another word






His semester was difficult I did not like writting poems the PSA was hard because I wasnt at school for a day or two so I didnt have enough time to finish the PSA. I also didnt like the programs we used for the PSA. It was awkward to write those poems and share them with the class I also dont like writting poetry. The book reading was easy but the final part was diffcult and i did not like presenting. over all this semester was difficult.



Free Write Storys


Wasteland survival guide


If your new to the wasteland then you should read this book. It tells you how to survive the atomic bombs radiation the mutants crawling around in the swamps and just your typical jerk that wants to steal your money. p.s. money dosen't work in the wasteland people use bottel caps instead. The first thing is how america got so messed up china launed a nucular bomb on america the surviors were either mutated of suffred from radiation posining and some turned into ghouls a zombie basically. some ghouls can control themselves and dont eat people but they are looked down at. if you meet a ghoul leave your pregidas at the door step and your pistol it its hoilster they have a heart behinde all that rotted flesh.  




                                                                               Science Fiction Story



"Captains log june 20th 2092 my ship has crashed at a resort not many people go here anymore becuase it has been over run with rabbid animals, canniables, and defected robots. I can smell the corpses of my luitenets rotting most of the other men on my ship were burnt to a crisp in the lower deck. it had taken me two hours to climb out of the reckage I should leave soon the barbaric beast that were once called humanes will surely notice this huge wrekecked ship and pick up the scent of burnt flesh."


" I took refuge at a local bar upon my arrival I noticed I had wound on my leg. I slowly crept into this sad attempt at a bar yellow walls coated with a thick layer of blood the floor covered in cracked tilles and broken class in the middle was the bar the werei slept that night. Tommarow I will leave this atrocious bar and look for medical supplies."


I could not sleep the screams of surviors of in the distance was keeping me up. I was about to leave when I discovered a group of imps in the bar scavenging for food. the gastly creatures were having spasms I decided to leave as fast as possiable.


I walked a few miles till i got to the city I think someone or something is following me I started to look for food which is scarce. I...



I was wakened buy a screaming maniac chained up in a cage. i looked around the the unpleasent cave i was chained in filled with old rusted cages where peopel were locked in like me a tall man wearing a mask came in and draged me to a room where i was interigated by a tall women. she asked me questions who i was where I was from she didnt believe me she thought i was one of the abhorrent caniables trying to attack her hideout. They asked me to do them a favor to prove i wasnt a canniable they wanted me to kill the head chef cook cook so i went out in search iof this maniac.


to make sure i didnt tell the canniables they put and explosive collar on me. I found my self at an old soup kitchent limbs scatered out side and the walls inside mold on the walls i heard cook cook huming a song as he was cooking dinner for his friends some other canniables came in and they got in a fight with cook cook i hid under a table as they pikered it ended with three gunshots and a dead chef when they left i grabbed the three rings on his fingers and left the fat man to rot.


When I got back to the hide out they disabled the collar around my neck. I met up with the leader sonya she was suprised I wasnt in an oven being prepaired for cook cooks next meal. they told me about there plan they were going to infultrait the robco robot center they were going to override the mainframe and take control of the defected to get the robots they gave me an old mark 1 steal boy camoflauge kit to make us invisable occasionaly they will  malfunction.


The next day we entered the robco center and it didnt end well sonya was captuered with 4 of her recon soilders because of a malfunction i ran after her i found them captuered and being prepared for disection i ran to free them but a robot grabbed me andthrew me in a cage i was able to help everyone else escape but it was to late for me i am being prepared for disection.




Mytholgy story

Long ago there was an unhappy marriage every night while the husband was praying and making offerings to the gods the wife was out with other men. One night the husband offered some of his live stock to the goddes Aphrodite

he asked her if his wife was being faithful the goddess of love told him to go home early instead of making offerings to the gods. When the husband came home he caught his wife with another man the wife yelled out. "KILL HIM KILL HIM"!!!

 After that the wife threw the dead body near the offering area. The goddess Aphrodite thought the husband was offering his life so she took him to MT Olympus where he spent the rest of his life crying and when ever he cried his tears would fall from Olympus and went to Earth making rain.





                                                                     Ralph Steadman




              Ralph Steadman is a British cartoonist who based his unique art work from his LSD hallucinations with Hunter S. Thompson. Ralph was born 1936 May 15 in Wallasey Cheshire. As a young boy Ralph loved to create model airplanes with his spare time at Abergele Grammar school. When he droped out of Abergele he got a job with Havill and Aircraft Company. After that he joined the Royal Airforce where he worked as a Radar Operator. Once Ralph was out of National Service, he became a factory worker.


               After Ralph quite working at the factory, he tried to send his Art to Newspapers hoping they would get published. Multiple times, his art was declined. One newspaper said “His art was a grotesque abomination and I hope you and your art is burned”(Private Eye Newspaper) But even though  Private Eye said those things the still published his are. People loved Ralph’s art work. After Ralph had some of his art published and got married he started a new form of art by accident. He made it while on vacation in Turkey. He left a photo in the sun. after that he found out he was able to change the picture and make it look weird. Ralph’s art is every where in the world from Newspapers, to cartoons, to book illustrations. In 1999 he was asked to create the ballet for the Royal Opera House people loved his ballet that he created.




       After a while Ralph made kids books he loved to write but was not very good at it so most of his books are just illustrations. One of Ralph’s story’s called Teddy was about his wife’s one eyed teddy bear. Like most of Ralph’s stories they were created because of people in his life like his kids. Not only did Ralph make kids books but he also illustrated many books like a remake of Alice In Wonderland he was chosen to illustrate it because of his unique art.




       As Ralph became more famous he started to travel more Ralph went to America were he meet Hunter S. Thompson at the Kentucky Derby. They were both studying modern America. As the two talked Ralph had the idea they should do LSD together at first Ralph was nervous and didn’t no what to do but he decided to join Hunter. This started a long friendship between the to. After his new LSD experience his drawings became more and more wacky people didn’t know what to think they were scared and amazed at the same time.

Each drug meant a new hallucination each hallucination meant a new drawing. Ralph is mostly know for his work with Hunter S. Thompson. While the two hung out together they inspired each other Hunter was inspired to make a drawing he called Ralph Your Late which was about a fight they had while on peyote it ended with Ralph walking home with a bloody nose and Hunter falling asleep at noon. Because of Hunter Ralph was inspired to make multiple drawings. In 2005 February 20th Hunter S. Thompson killed him self this was a devastating time for Ralph and Hunters family.


              Ralph Steadmans life was filled with exciting moments and he continues to draw and make more art about Gonzo (Hunter and Ralph's idea for a charecter)and other things him and Ralph made.

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ehniscl692 said

at 6:51 pm on Oct 30, 2012

nice story. it stinks that you broke your leg.

sprague606 said

at 9:34 am on Feb 12, 2013

Sup will.

savic727 said

at 9:44 am on Feb 12, 2013

oh hey wats up man

sprague606 said

at 9:45 am on Feb 12, 2013

Just chillin. Writing stuff for my Sci-Fi story. Wanna hang out wednesday?

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