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By: Supritha Venkatesh




     That day that made me nervous. The day that I had a chance to play in an actual game. Here is the story of that day.

            I was in orchestra and I was looking at the clock every few minutes. 2:45,2:50,2:55. It was getting so close to 3:00.

            “Okay volleyball players can lave now,” announced the orchestra teacher. I rushed behind my chair got my things. I hurried to my l locker and put my violin away. I ran up the stairs just as the 3:04 bell rang. I quickly got my stuff and went downstairs.

            “Hurry up. The bus is going to be here soon.” Said my friend. I got my uniform on and rushed out of the locker room. I waited outside with all of my other teammates.

            “ Where is the coach? And where is the bus?” someone asked.

            “ Did we miss the bus?” another person asked. Before anyone could answer, another person came through the door.

            “ Are you the 7th grade volleyball team?” the person asked us.

            “ Yes” we answered.

            “ Well I just got news that the bus is going to be late, and so is the coach.” She said. Everyone piled onto the bleachers and they started to eat their food.

            Once the bus came, everyone piled onto the bus. We took attendance. And then we took off.

            When we got to Haslett Middle School, we went straight to the gym. We were practicing, when a buzzer rang. We went from serving to passing, to setting, to scrimmage. After that, we were ready to start the game. The B squad had to play first, so I was on the bench giving support to the other players. We went through 21 points and we were cheering.

            “Great job!” said our coach.

            We went through another 21 points, passing to each other, serving it over the net, and trying to get the ball to hit the floor on the other side. We unfortunately lost.

            After that bad game, we played a 15point game. We also lost that game.

            The time came. I had to sit on the bench for just one game. We fortunately, won!

            Now came my turn. I stood by the net. Come on. You can win this. I thought to myself. We served. It didn’t g over the net.

            “Good try!” everybody said. We did a couple more rotations. I stood in the back waiting for the volleyball to roll down the court to me.  Held the ball in my left hand.

            “Come on Supritha! You can do this.” people cheered. I threw the ball up and hit it with all my force. I watched it go up and come down fifteen feet in front of me. No! I thought. We played that game and lost. I also played the next game, but we lost.

              “Good game.” I was saying to people on my team. We pled onto the bus and left.


            Even though we lost, I knew that we would eventually win!

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