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How my sister changed my life

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Tuesday, September 25th

5th Hour



    It was a school day and I was going to pick up my little sister Braelynn and I was just getting over her last breakdown where she had trashed my room and I had to pick it up. So I admit I was pretty mad at her but I still have to pick her up and walk her home everyday.
    I got in the school and trotted in the cafeteria to wait until the bell rang so I could get her from her class. Since we had to wait I did some of my homework and then after a few minutes *BRING* we ran to the class and she walked with me back to our house.
    “Guess what I did today?!” she said
    “Went to art!” she replied   
    “That’s cool!” I said pretending to listen i was too hung up thinking about what we could do when we get home...
    Braelynn and I continue walking until she refuses to hold my hand while we were crossing the street. (If I don’t I will get in trouble) I begged her to but she didn’t so I ended up dragging her next to me holding her arm across the street.   
    This is just ONE time that she was annoying to me. Another time was when I was at home minding my own business doing my homework and my step mom walked in the door.
    “Braelynn we need to do your homework before we do anything!” She said.
    “NO!” Braelynn responded impolitely.
    After that. she started screaming and yelling at her because she didn’t want to do her work. Of course this had to happen while I was doing my work for school so I couldn’t concentrate. This made me frustrated and it adds a factor to my story.  My little sister is my family and I love her but sometimes she can be a real pain and majorly affect my life.
    Another time she affected me was when she was born, I was just by myself with my big sister and parents then they had to get divorced and then my dad got remarried and then had a baby. This highly affected my home life. My parents didn’t pay attention to me as much and Braelynn was my parents new favorite, this wasn’t my favorite thing to hear.
    These are a few reasons my little sister has affected my life. I love her to pieces but she can sometimes be a real pain to me.

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fortino468 said

at 12:57 pm on Sep 25, 2012

Your story is cute

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