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soccer champs

Page history last edited by AKabodian 11 years, 8 months ago

                                           Soccer champs                      Dagim 

                                                                                                                               5th hour


            We were down one goal and the second half was getting closer and closer. We were getting less and less chances. Then the first half ended and we were on our way to the second half. Our coach was trying to cheer us on but down one goal we thought it was hopeless.

The second half started and we were on our way to losing or we thought. In the middle of the second of the half there was a cross into the box that was blasted into the back of the net. Then we thought we have a chance now so let’s actually try. Now it is tied one, one and only 20 minutes left to go. We had so many chances but only one made it. It was one of the luckiest goals I have ever seen. It was a bouncing ball that was elbowed down in the box and was elbowed down and not counted as a handball.

After that there was a free kick that was curved into the back of the net. We celebrated like never before. After we were done over exaggerating we started defending a lot and keeping position of the ball. Also we would try passing the ball forward sometimes.

We went out of that game with happiness like never before. We were proud of ourselves because for the first time we won the championships. But not only did we win it we owned it. Most of all this was one of the most fun, competitive and long games I have

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