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michigan adventures

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3 months ago ….......

i had just started my korean exchange camp at michigan state university,i was filled with excitement. it was a whole month long and it was going to be so fun, we had 3 field trips , and i got to meet 30 korean students that were new to america, that’s why we had field trips to show them how fun america is. are three trips were to Detroit, Chicago, and last but not least Michigan Adventures. I was filled with joy, this was going to be great.

2 weeks later .........

“Hurry Meraf!” i said as i dragged her to the entrance of Michigans Adventures. “We’re finally here!” i yelled in excitement as meraf pantied beside me. “Why’d we have to run” she said, out of breath trying to catch some air as the wind passed her face. “you're so slow” “i know” “and lazy” “I know” “and....” “okay! that’s enough, lets just go inside now” “i was waiting for you to say that” i smiled as we walked inside.meraf and i went with a group of three people we knew and two of the korean exchange girls. the first ride we went on was the wooden ride called the wildcat or wolverine, next was the mini rides , then we went to the wild waters , where meraf, noelle , and i got on a three person tube and got on the funnel of fear.we walked up what seemed to be thousands of stairs all the way to the top of the funnel i was so scared but excited at the same time, “here we go!” i said as we were pushed down the dark tube as it led us to the funnel. water was splashing everywhere as it led us to the light, then is saw the funnel with the deep drop ahead when whoop! we dropped and were sliding side to side with the water splashing on our legs and face finally it came down to a cool end as we were drifting through the water while the people in line were waiting for their turn. by now we only had about 20 minutes left and the park had half the people they did when we first arrived ,so the last ride i wanted to get on was the THUNDER HAWK! it was a ride where your feet and legs dangled out your seat leaving them as wiggly as licorice as you slowly rise up and drop. i was so excited i ran to the line, thank goodness it was the end of the day and it was barely a line. as i was strapped safely inside the seat i was shaking inside and out i was so scared the ride went up slowly  and went higher and higher, when i started to look down my stomach started to twist and turn just like the roller coaster then out of nowhereploop it dropped slanted and so fast to it started to swirl, drop, turn, and loop, in seconds of time. my cheeks filled with air and the speed was so fast it dragged my face down and meraf was trying to smile and the air pushed down her chin and filled her lip while pushing back her face. little did i know they had took a picture of our faces on the ride  and after we got off, me and meraf went to the big shaft where they were selling key chains and pictures of people on the ride, and i found the picture of me and meraf i looked so weird and funny looking and meraf looked bad to but not as bad as me, but over all the looks on our faces were priceless. i hope i have another opportunity to go to michigan adventures again just because of how fun it was to be there.

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