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5th hour



            The wind hit my face as I walked out to the edge of the dock. I just woke up and was still very tired. I rubbed the sleep sand off my eyes as I watched Schaub family hang out in the water.

          We were visiting our neighbor and his family for the weekend up near Torch Lake.

          “Hey do you want to spot Heidi while she wakeboards?” Jense asked while approaching me.

          “What?” I asked. Trying to process what he had just asked me.

          “Do you want to spot Heidi while she wakeboards?” He asked again getting a little closer.

          “Umm. Sure.” I replied with uncertainty. “What do I have to do?”

          “All you have to do is sit on the back of the jet ski facing Heidi and tell Jense when she falls.” Heidi’s mom told me as she helped Heidi with the board.

          “Ok.” I said while grabbing my life jacket.

          “Ok jump on.” Jense hollered as he backed the jet ski into the dock.

          I jumped on the black jet ski and faced the the water. I was sure I was gonna fall off when he took off, so I tried to hang on real tight.

          Heidi waited in the water for the jet ski to jump to life. I looked over and she gave me the thumbs up. I figured that was the sign for go.

          “She’s ready to go.” Jense tried to yell over the crashing waves of the lake.

          I grabbed onto the back of the jet ski and prepared for take off.

          Well we didn’t take off quite yet. We went around in a circle and Heidi grabbed the rope.

          “Ok Now we are going so hold on tight I don’t want to lose you.” He told me with a smile.

          Wakeboarding is life skateboarding on water except for a jet ski is pulling you.

          Ok all I had to do was tell him when she falls off. That couldn’t be that hard. I thought.

          Then we were off. I watched as my mom and the Schaub family got smaller and smaller. Heidi was a natural she shot out of the water just like a jumping fish. It looked like she had been doing it since she was little but she just learned last year when she was twelve.

          It was going pretty slow but as we began to approach waves the jet ski started to speed up.

          I watched as Heidi’s blond hair flowed in the wind.

          Then out of nowhere she let go of the rope and fell into the water.

          Remembering my job I told Jense and he immediately turned around.

          “What happened?” He asked pull up next to her.

          “I don’t know I think I tripped on a wave.” She replied trying to gain balance.

          She grabbed back on the rope and before I knew it we were off again.

          It was pretty straight for the rest of the ride she didn’t fall off. It looked like she never fell off. She really gained concentration after that first fall. I thought.

          We were approaching the dock as our ride was getting to the end. Heidi let go of the rope and glided to the shore.

          Jense pulled the jet ski to a stop in front of the tan brown dock and i jumped off.

          That was my first time spotting a wakeboarder on a jet ski.

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