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The Grand River

Page history last edited by milne778 10 years, 8 months ago

     It was a warm September Saturday. Me and some friends from my Boy Scout troop were going to the Grand River to canoe. The water's smooth brown color in the sunlight made the water look warm.

     After llistening to safety instructions we finally got in our canoes in the water. At about 3/4 of our trip I heard "We're grounded." which meant someone's canoe was in water that was too low for the canoe to pass through. So when my canoe got around the bend we saw the grounded canoe. But with our luck we got grounded too.

     "Bryan  can you go help Zach's canoe?" our scout master, Mr. Brown asked. So Bryan got out of our canoe to help Zach's canoe. "I guess I'll help our canoe." I said reluctantly.

     So when Bryan was alone he came to help me finish. But with our luck streak our canoe started to drift off. So me and Bryan started walking towards the canoe in water up to our  knees. Then to my sudden suprise the ground wasn't under my feet anymore. The water was freezing. It would have been alot harder to swim in that river without my life jacket.

     Me and Bryan swam alongside the canoe. We finally got a footing and climbed back into the canoe.

     I couldn't wait for the trip to be over so I could eat. When we got to the place where our trip ended I immediately opened my food and got on dry land. I didn't think a warm Mtn. Dew and completely crushed pop tarts would ever taste  so good.

     I was in a really bad mood too. So I wasn't up for Mike's behavior. My teeth were chattering and my lips were blue. I was so anxious for the car with my dry clothes to get there so I could be warmer.

     When I got my dry clothes I was really happy. But when I learned I had been on the river for only an hour and a half I was really suprised because it had felt like 3 hours. Even though the trip didn't go well for me I can't wait to go on a 75 mile, 5 day canoeing trip next summer.


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