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MMS Should Have Digital Tablets

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Digital Tablets For All!


       We need trees. Why? To give us oxygen to breath. MacDonald Middle School is using way too much paper than needed. Why Don't we have tablets? They are way easier and fun for kids and teens at M.M.S. They would have fun learning and play educational games for school matter only. Also at the end of the year, students would give them back to the school. For example, seventh graders would give them back at the end of the year and get new ones at the beginning of eighth grade. But the eighth graders would give them back for good. M.M.S should have digital tablets in school because we won't need to buy school supplies, we wouldn't need textbooks, and your backpack wouldn't be as heavy as usual.

          For one thing, we won't need to buy school supplies because all you need is the tablet to do your work. Also, it wouldn't be as expensive to buy one tablet for the rest of your years at M.M.S. than buying a ton of school supplies every year. I think that would cost way more than one tablet. Also, from the National Retail Federation reported that the average American family will spend a record of $688.62 on back to school spending. And today in this economy, it probably won't happen for many Americans in Michigan. This is why we can stop buying school supplies every school year and just have tablets that will be free from the schools. That's a really good deal. This is what brings me to my next reason.

          We also wouldn't need textbooks because we can download textbooks on the tablet that you would get. Also, we can sell all of the textbooks to get some money to pay off the cost of tablets. And just think, everyone at M.M.S. could get apps for tablet for school purposes only. For example, if a person is so into their homework and the bell rings, they forget their book. The next day at that class you'll need your book, now you'll have to take a tardy searching for it. But with the tablets, your textbooks would be safe and sound because you'll be doing your homework on your tablet. Now you'll never forget anything because you only have one thing to carry. (Unless you loose your tablet, but that's a another story.)   

          Tablets would make life more simple for students. Ttry to imagine yourself without a backpack? It would be so much easier right? According to U.S. Consumer Prodect Safety Commision, between 2010 and 2011 backpack injuries in kids aged 5 to 8 increased 6.5%, from 12,924 to 13,766 in back pains and back problems. I know you wouldn't want that to happen to yourself or others. If you didn't have a backpack then you wouldn't have to lug your things around to get to your locker. Also, you wouldn't be late for any of your classes because you have evrything you need. Your tablet. And let's just say you came from English to go to Science, the logical thing to do is to take your English book to Science. Oh but wait, you dropped your English book and broke the spine. Stinks for you because now you have to go pay for it. That is another reason why tablets would be the best choice for M.M.S.

          In conculsion, M.M.S. should have digital tablets. Tablets would be a great boost that kids and teens would love. Also playing educational games and learning for all, all for learning. M.M.S should have digital tablets because we won't need to buy school supplies, we would't need textbooks, and your backpack wouldn't be as heavy as usual. Let's all work together to get these tablets! 



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cruse369 said

at 6:35 pm on Oct 16, 2012

love your story lulu!!

olsen943 said

at 8:57 am on Oct 22, 2012

hey awesome story

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