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play soccer

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     Soccer is a great sport to play. a lot of people play soccer, so its a good sport to get involved with and invite friends.  You can play the game all over the United States and even in different countries. Soccer is an easy sport to understand. It is simple to learn and is a good team sport.


     For one reason, soccer is a way to get active and a good way to get exercise. There is a lot of short-distance running on the field, and you use your foot skills to control the ball in different ways.  For example, a player can learn how to kick the ball high in the air, or dribble it down the field.  There are five different positions position and play the one you like the most and you can play with your friends or in a real game, you will have lots of fun. Some of the positions include forwards, center positions, defensive-mid, center mids, and goalie positions. A player does a lot of running with all the positions, but you also do some walking when the ball is on the other side of the field.


     This game is very fun you can play with your friends at recess, outside, or in a competitive game. There are several types of games you and your friends can play.  Some of the games are called shaggers, penalty shoot out, sharks and minnows, soccer baseball, and bulldog.  Each of these games helps you become a good team player by having fun and helping each other on the field.

All in all, soccer is a good way to get exercise, play different types of positions, and most importantly, have fun with other people.Thats why I think you should play soccer as a sport.        


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