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Persuasive Draft

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    There should be one international language because it can help us get more informed about different subjects instead of using our time in another elective, we can communicate with more people around the world, and you can have more people with jobs.

    First, we would be able to pick out a different subject to study during school because we have an open spot from the old subject you were learning. I hope this happens because you will be able to learn new subjects, and then maybe get a college degree in different subjects.
    Second, I think we will have different jobs available for different people because there can be jobs for English speaking people all across the world instead of just the USA or other English speaking countries, this will be a major jump forward for the world in the job industry and I think the upcoming president should think about changing it. Think about having a job you’ve wanted that gets payed tons that’s in a country that you have to learn their language to work there. Now if we have 1 international language that would never have to happen.

    Third, I hope that when we have one international language we will be able to talk to more people from different countries that used to talk in a different language. This will cause more people to be more social and end up having better group projects throughout our country and other countries.
In conclusion, I want there to be one international language because the can be more foreign jobs, one less language election to learn more subjects and then you can talk to more people. This will eventually end up having a better world and people will become more together in things having to do with the world.

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