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The Future of Books

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The Future of Books

By Zachary, October 15, 2012, Hour: 4th 


            In our world today there are many regulations around us, like the speed you can go on highways, the hours of school children have to be in each day, and many more. I believe you should not be able to put limits on (ban) books. I will support this statement with strong evidence to convince you that I am correct such as: Authors may stop writing books because of banning; it’s the reader’s or parent’s choice whether they read a book of that stature, and finally, if they start banning to many books, they will start getting general on what they ban. I can assure you, that by the time you have finished reading this essay, you will one hundred percent agree with me that books should not be banned.


            First of all, authors may stop writing books. If people keep banning and challenging books like Lord of the Flies, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter etc. authors will think, “why should I bother writing books anymore if there will be no one to enjoy them.” For the most part, authors write books for entertainment. There will be no one to entertain if they ban so many books. For example: I interviewed a close friend who also agrees with me that author’s will stop writing books if they ban so many. This is what he said: “It’s wrong that author’s should be scared of expressing themselves in a creative manner. If I was an author, I would be incredibly upset if all of the hard work of creating a book was pointless just because some people can’t handle a portion of my writing, so yes, I would stop writing books because of all this banning.” I strongly agreed with my friend’s opinion and I think you should too.


            Equally important, it is the reader’s or parent’s choice whether they read a book that may have some suggestive words, themes, or ideas. I think it is preposterous that someone can just get rid of something completely, just from of their opinion. Think of it this way, when someone bans or challenges a book, it is their opinion why they think it should be banned. Several other people may agree so they ban the book. They are ruling out hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of opinions about the particular book they are banning. A massive amount of children/young adults will be missing out on what could be a learning experience or a vast amount of entertainment for their imagination. Again, to me, this doesn’t make any sense.


            Finally, if they start banning a bunch of books, they are going to get general on what they ban. Let me explain, if they ban a certain book, someone might say, “if you ban this book, then why isn’t this book banned.” It will be a consent loop, until; kids won’t have anything to read because of this. This ongoing cycle could greatly affect the minds of our next generation. People are very particular on what kids read, that’s why this will happen, and it’s just how people think. This is just one of the many reasons why there should be no more banning books.


            All the reasons I have presented to you I believe strongly support the statement that they should stop banning books. I will now recap of what I have said: Authors may stop writing books because of banning, it is the reader’s or parent’s choice to read a book of that stature, and last but not least, if they start banning a large amount of books, they will get really general on what they ban. Do you want the minds of our next generation to be greatly affected? If we completely stop banning books, this will not come in to effect.



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wanjiru975 said

at 10:52 am on Nov 1, 2012

zach i liked your persuasive essay good job :)

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