My Personal Essay; Hannah Albee

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By: Hannah  



Trapped in Sleeping Bear Dunes


     The storm thundered and boomed as I sat huddled n my woolen blanket. The air vent stuttered n the back seat while the cold seeped through the windows. My mother stared out the window in silent awe, but surrounded by tall pines and oaks, I felt anything but amazed. I felt isolated.



          “Dad! This small town storm is going to turn into a full fledged tornado!” I insisted. We had been driving through the rain and fog for an hour, and had seemingly gotten nowhere. We were still trapped in the interior of Sleeping Bear Dunes. My dad one of his hands off the steering wheel, and gave my knee a reassuring pat. “We’re almost to the first stop.” He said. As we kept driving through the dense woods, miraculously, the rain stopped. As we got out of the car at the first stop, the day turned into a chilly, dewy morning. My parents marveled at every stop, but eventually the wet sand, and tall hills started running into each other.


My stomach grumbled louder with every step, and my eye’s threatened to close. “Please can we get something to eat?” The rain had started up again, and that perfect chilly, dewy morning was no more. He finally relented, and we all pilled into the car.  The sheets of rain pounded our modest Volkswagen, and the thunder threatened to shatter our ears. I sat still reading my book, until we reached a small town. Shops lined the narrow streets, and the Deli looked like heaven to my starving eyes.


‘Ding’ the bell rang as we entered the Deli. Warm, smoky smells swirled around me as I sat down at a red and green striped table. “Well, this could be worse” my dad ventured as he took a bite of his sandwich. Watching him, I attempted a bite of my own. The melted cheese stuck to the roof of my mouth, while the crispy lettuce and tomatoes balanced out the tender ham and salami. Shrill lightning stroked the concrete and the piece of Parmesan bread I was enjoying went down my throat unwillingly. “Come on Hannah.” My mom snapped, after 10 minutes of chewing. “Let’s go back to the Dunes; just for a little sightseeing.” She said, gathering up the rest of my sandwich.


            We rode back out into the soaked Dunes, and stopped at a small parking Lot. “Why are we stopped?” I wondered aloud, and looked out the window, Monstrous waves dove at rocks, and a web of lightning trickled down the sky to the raging water. The sky was a bonfire, the reds and yellows of the lightning held fire in their strokes, and the dark gray was the color of smoke. And ever since that day, the fire in the sky transferred into me, so that even though the storm stopped and the day ended, I still had some fire within me. So that a horrible day, turned into a beautiful one.

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roboski342 said

at 2:55 pm on Feb 14, 2013

Good story, you are very descriptive and use lots of detail.

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