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we need cell phones

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Julianna Lavey


6th hr.

We need to use Cell phones

     Students should be allowed to bring their cell phones into the classroom, because it is an easy portable emergency device, it is an easy way to communicate without talking, and it is a laptop in your pocket. Most students bring their cell phones to school but they can’t use them. What’s the point in that? People say they can bring them so they can contact their parents, but at school people have a totally different opinion they say that they have to use the office phone anyway. So you would be bringing it for no reason.

     First, it would be a portable emergency device. Milly was walking around with her best friend Thalia at their free in school. All the teachers were on their lunch break and the office was down two floors. They were walking down the hall heading to the game room when Thalia trips on a big black binder someone left on the ground. She fell to the ground in a plump. “Thalia, are you ok?” Milly asked dropping to ground beside her. “Yeah but I don’t think I can get up. She answered with tears falling down her cheek. “I think I broke my ankle.” Milly got up and thought. It took 6 whole minutes to get down to the main floor where the office was. Students were not allowed in the teacher lounge no matter what happened. If only I had my cell phone, I could call the hospital. Milly ran down the stairs onto the 2nd floor then down the hall onto the stairs again. Then she was on the main floor she ran into the office and told the secretary. In the meantime what is happening to Thalia. She is up two floors with no one to help her. Who knows what she could be feeling what if she was in serious pain right now. That is why Students should be allowed to use their cell phones during school.

     Second, it is an easy way to communicate with students around you. Have you ever really needed help on an assignment during class? Well lots of students do. But, do you know the saying 3 before me? Teachers use it all the time. Lots of the time teachers also want it silent. Well how can you be silent if you have to ask a peer a question. Here’s the answer, if student are allowed to have their cell phones in class then they just text each other questions and/or answers. It helps the student and the teacher as well. If teachers are afraid that they are not listening or talking about something that is actually important then the school can just set up a school chatting room where they can communicate without talking but still get the help they need.

     Lastly, it is an easy portable laptop. All the time students must type something or write or save something somewhere, so they can remember everything they have learned. If you have a smartphone like most people have this day in time. You can easily get apps to help you in school. There are apps for everything. Also it won’t waste paper and you don’t have to worry about losing all your notes because they would be saved on a file on your phone. It would be easy and you hands won’t get tired of writing. The students will also and this is very important in school, will have a better time. They won’t say they are bored all the time. For example I know if they were to let me use my phone in school I would study with it. It would be like a tiny textbook or notebook where you keep everything you need to know in it.

     In conclusion, it would be very nice and very convenient for student to be able to have their cell phones with them. That is why students should be allowed to have cell phones with them in class because it is a great emergency device, you can communicate with your peers easier, and it is an easy portable laptop.

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