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Copy of All For Badmintion, Badmintion For All

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                                                        All For Badminton, Badminton For All



    Badminton is an enjoyable game and students at MacDonald Middle School should have a chance to enjoy it and here's why.....


     First of all Badminton is an enjoyable sport, and its easy and safe to play. MacDonald has many great sports like soccer, volleyball,Cheerleading, Cross Country, Track, basketball, etc. However, people just don't enjoy those sports, and Badminton gives those people who don't like those sports another option.


     My second reason is it improves coordination, flexibility and balance. Plus it also helps with stress/anxiety. It reduces heart attack/and strokes, and it also helps you with your speed too. Also your reflexsis and your  hand-eye coordination.


     Third and last of all, Badminton haves you a chance to meet new opponents and make new friends (Yes it effects your social life) and they can possibly give you tips on how you can play better, so you can learn from them. So basically Badminton gives you a chance to make friends, don't let that go to waste!


      To wrap things up I would like to say that Badminton is a wonderful to play and I hope MacDonald Middle School would consider badminton to be one of our sports, its healthy, its fun and everyone can enjoy it.


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