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Supritha Venkatesh







Some students have probably thought that they want to play a sport, but that sport is not at their school. MacDonald Middle School should have more options for sports. The students will be motivated to get good grades, they will more fit and the students will learn to work together as a team.


         First of all, if students had more sports, they will be motivated to get good grades. Since there are progress reports, if they get anything below a C, you will not be able to play for that week. If a student is not able to play for up to 3 weeks, they will not be on the team anymore. The students will really want to play that specific sport so they will try their hardest to get grades.


Second, the students will be more fit. When someone plays a sport, they will be active in some kind of way.  When people are active, they will be more healthy and fit. Swimming involves arms and legs. After a couple of days of swimming, their arms and legs will get stronger. If a person plays soccer, it involves a lot of running and kicking, which will make their legs stronger. If a person gets exercise, you will get taller, healthier, and fit.


Lastly, more students will learn to use teamwork, not only in sports, but also during school. When someone plays a sport, they will have to talk to each other. In school, the students can learn to use that teamwork that they used in sports, which will help them academically. When students learn to work as a team, they will be a bit more organized.



         In conclusion, MacDonald Middle School should have more sports for the students. They will get good grades, the students will be more fit, and more students will work to play as a team. In this way, the students will do better in school and be athletic in the same way!

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