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I Believe

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                                                        I Believe                                                                                                                                                                         Kira Dean

                                                                                                     3rd hour



I believe in overachieving. I believe that going through life doing the bare minimum will get me nowhere. I always try my hardest to go the extra mile or to have my work be above acceptable. Sometimes being an overachiever is necessary in life.


I believe in overachieving. To be a successful human being, I feel overachieving is needed. Receiving an education is too precious to do the least amount of work possible. Completing more work can be frustrating when playing videogames or texting sounds more fun but I always remember that someday I will thank myself for trying to be an overachiever.  When I was younger I used to do the bare minimum of work on projects, but now that I look back on that I realize that I really should have made my work a little more presentable.


I believe in overachieving. Teachers, professors and future employers are impressed by overachievers. They will want students or staff who do more work than needed or who exceed the expectations of others. Overachieving is a great skill to have in the future.


I believe in overachieving. I believe that being an overachiever does not mean that more work is expected of me. It simply just means that the work is exceptional or that the work is very presentable. Writing a great essay can be considered overachieving. I remind myself that the important thing to remember when overachieving, is that my work should stand out from others.


I believe in overachieving. I may not be an overachiever but I certainly try my hardest to be one. I don’t believe that doing the bare minimum will get my anywhere in life. I believe that the opportunities that I am lucky to have are too important to waste away and be okay with not trying my hardest. As I get older I realize how close I am to bigger places and how I should not just do the least amount of work needed so I can go do something I would rather do such as

being with my friends or shopping at the mall. Overachieving has always been a custom of mine. 


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