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Season Haikus

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Season Haikus By: Kira Dean          3rd hour


Winter Day:

Snow day, snowy day,

Build those castles and large forts,

Snow day, snowy day.




I am all alone,

One special design makes me

Standout by myself.


Spring rain:

Pit patter, pit pat,

I hear the wind go spit, spat,

Pit patter, pit pat.



Grow, Grow, Grow they will,

Grow as tall as a windmill,

Grow, grow, grow they will.


Summer Heat:

Whoo! It is hot!

Dip in the pool to cool

I will, Whoo! It is hot!


Summer sunset:

Cool colors pink, blue,

Green, my spirit is calm these

Are colors of the sea.



Fall leaves:

Crinkle, crunch, crinkle,

Sprinkle them all over, yes?

Crunch, crinkle, crunch.


Fall Wind:

Whoosh! Swoosh! Howl! Whoosh!

My mind is not all smile, smiles,

Those sounds are whoosh, swoosh!

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li194 said

at 10:52 am on Feb 6, 2013

i like ur haiku's :)

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