snowball fights

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                                      snowball fights


                                         by: Katilynn




          Kid should be allowed to have snowball fights! Many adults think that snowball fights are dangerous and violent but to be honest all they really are doing is through compact balls of frozen water at each other. It may look that it hurts they but really under all the winter gear they have on they can barley do a thin. It is also a lot of fun for kids and wastes a lot of their energy so when they go back to class they are tired and ready to learn after having fun.

When kids have snowball fight s it waste most of their energy and are ready to learn when they get back to their class. Also when kids have snow ball fights they do not only waste energy but they also get exercise from it too. Snowball fights might also get out some of their excitement and are ready to learn when they come in.

Snowball fights also allow kids imagination run free so they can be everyone or any thing they want. When kids have snowball fights they like to imagine that they are in a fierce war and are at the break of death they face their enemy.

When a snowball hits you it may look like it hurts but never dose. Most adalts believe that snowball fights are bad because kids can get hurt while playing but they never do because of all the protection they are wearing (coat, gloves.hat, ect). Also when they are hit all that they bare being hit with is a ball made of frozen water that is soft, it is like being hit with water.


After all I still believe that kids should be aloud to have snow ball fights they cannot be hazards, let kids have fun while being safe, lets kids imagination run free, and gets them ready for class.


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