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 Under moonlit sky's, threw out the haunted woods.

The thundering hooves of the Appaloosa echoed.

I went out looking, waiting, watching for a sign of Aurora.


 For years ago, I saw her, eyes like fire from the sun,

covered in snow from head to toe, kind and giving but  

also a hostile one.


 The Appaloosa galloped on as the wind rushed by down

the mountain and I was watched by the moons tinted grin,

I looked behind and saw the guardians of the forest, the wolves,

fierce, agile, and thin, hunting me down because I refused the

moons offer to turn back now.


 The wolves brought the Appaloosa to the ground with

teeth and claws, hunters of the night with no mercy at all.


After tumbling to the ground and opening my eyes I saw

flowers, a meadow and a great fire in the sky, rising

in the east, setting in the west, when I was greeted

by Aurora.


 She told me " shoot the next three birds you see " I

listened, and with a bang in the sky followed by two

more shots three birds landed at my feet, the first

was a vulture, ugly and repulsive, the second a hawk,

fast and agile, the third a eagle, strong and free,

I then heard a hiss " never more" and that was the end

of me. 

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