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This I Believe Essay -Teresa-

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I Believe Essay

By: Teresa Nguyen


I believe that honesty is the best policy. I have had experience with lying and that’s why I changed. Not only that but dealing with my brother with his lies I began to get a little frustrated, but even worse is how lying can lead to rumors. In this essay I will be explaining why Honesty is the Best Policy.


          When I was little I liked to lie… a lot. I know I would gain some popularity, but when my friends asked me for proof I had to avoid them until they forgot about it. My friends became suspicious and they’d soon find out that I was lying. After that one time my friends forgave me, but I never stopped lying after that one time. I never learned the consequences of lying and I soon lied more often, and soon lost all of my friends. Around that time it was very awkward for me, but eventually I gained most of them back but I’m never going to forget that time period.


          But I’m not the only one going through the phase. My younger brother is gong through the same phase. I warned but he never really listens. He has to learn about that, I guess.


          Rumors… I hate them. I hate that rumors leads to fights, or drama. I hate it so much. But another synonym for rumors… lies. Hearing rumors reminds me of the time I would always lie. Anyways, I just hate rumors, period.


          Anyway to wrap things up I’d like to say that, again Honesty is the Best Policy. I’m not a liar and I’m proud of it. So this is the end of my essay, so good-bye! 


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