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This I believe essay:


"I believe in Religion."


     I believe in the thought of having a god(s) who will always be there to help me, or lend me a hand. Even though different cultures, people, and gender have different beliefs ( like juddism, Buddism, chrristian, catholic, baptist, etc.) we all have one thing in common.

     Our faith.

     Our faith brings different backgrounds together to worship, praise, and love a specific person or thing.

     I am Baptist, a form of christianity.I believe in Jesus and God. I believe that one day when the world will perish, angels from heaven will be at the door of every christian waiting to bring us sinners to heaven the holy world.

     I go to church mostly/every Sunday. I go to youth group too. I love God. I live for him, but I still sin.

     I sin everyday. Thinking about how I am jealous of a friend or being really lazy. My religion helps me believe.

     Every Sunday, every year, I go to youth group with my friend Rebekah. We have fun playing games( murder mysteries, nerf guns, etc.) but we also praise God and listen to the message preeched by the youth pastor.

There are also caps I go to, suchas Impact Lansing, or Springhill. Thoses help me bring closer to God and others. I get to help others while God helps me.

     In conclusion, I believe in God  because he helps me help others, and helps me believe.


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