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Page history last edited by lavey677 11 years, 3 months ago

My English class has been good so far. My favorite project was probably the PSA because you got to complete it with a partner. It was very fun to record the narration for the project because I felt like I was hosting a Radio Show. That was really fun. I thought we had a lot of time to work on that and I looked that about it because then I didn't feel rushed and I could do a better job than if I had a less amount of time. my least favorite project was probably the This I believe assignment because I am not very good at thinking and going deep into my heart for what I believe in. When I got feedback it was really good and I thought that my final draft was much better than my rough draft. I really like feedback because I like knowing what I should work on and what I should change. Personally I don't really like poetry because of how deep and feelingful it is but I really think that I improved in poetry this year since last year. I thought that I had actually written a pretty good poem that I really liked. (P.S. I don't really hate school as much as my poem explained.) Also that was a very good timed assignment and I never felt rushed. One of them that I really did not prefer was the persuasive essay because I am not a very good debater. I don't do a good job at picking sides so it was sort of hard to write one of those in my opinion. I think that another one of my favorites was the personal essay because I really like writing stories I find them easier to write. I don't remember the Descriptive essay very much but I do remember that it was pretty fun writing it and I didn't think I felt rushed. I also liked it again because it is a story from a time in life. I personally like that because it is more like a story and I think that is something easier and more fun to write about because you can really write about anything that has happened to you. Even if it was the most boring thing you can make it more exciting because it's is sort of a story. Just something that happened to me. I learned a lot this semester. The most I learned about was about reading strategies. I already knew about them but I use them a lot more now and I understand books I don't really like better. I think that the wiki page is a good idea because if you know me that I get really freaked out when I can't find something. So if I just upload it to my wiki I don't have to worry about keeping the papers in order. That is probably something I really like about that. I don't think I can really say anything bad about the wiki because I think it is really great. Also I think that people these days are the best at using electronic so I think it is easier for everybody. That is my reflection.

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AKabodian said

at 3:23 pm on Feb 8, 2013

Great job looking back at the year so far in an honest, straight-forward way.

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