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This semester was a very cool 1st semester. The writing topics in this semester were some of my favorites. Persuasive essays, personal essays, poetry.  I learned a lot this semester including how to use first person the correct way in an essay. I also learned a lot from my other classmates when we could peer edit with each others work.  This semester in English is where I learned new techniques and new styles of writing. I learned a little bit more about poetry terms in the poetry unit and I learned how to structure a persuasive essay more properly in the persuasive essay unit.


This semester was also great because of the wiki page. I love the idea of the wiki. The voki was my favorite part.I like to personalize things, and the wiki was a good opportunity. I like how the wiki page could be personalized to how you want it. I liked how we can put our writing on our wiki for everyone else to read. I also thought that the wiki was a way to make new friends in the beginning of the year.I really thought that the wiki was a great way to organize your drafts of writing and it really helped me throughout this semester!



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