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this i believe

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I believe in not judging a book by its cover

What I used to do when I saw a book was to look at its cover and if it didn’t look appealing to my eyes I wouldn’t read it , I wouldn’t read any part of it not even the summary on the back I would just put it back hoping to find a more interesting book.

But now I think ……

What if I had gotten that book, would it have been good? For all I know it could have been one of my favorite books I’ve ever read, but I don’t know because I didn’t give it a chance, but the main thing that is getting judged in the world are people. The same kind of stuff happens to children, teens, and even adults. Everyday people get judged by how they look, what they’re wearing, or what others tell people about them. I can admit that I’ve done something like this in my life before but it would be something in my head something I kept to myself and didn’t spread around to other people, but still I was wrong. But now when I meet someone I say good comments out loud, directly to them to lift them up instead of bad comments to myself that if they heard, would drag them down.

I believe in giving people a chance

Everywhere I go I see and hear people judging. It’s like a habit for some people I know. They call it a “first impression” but what I think is how are people going to make that first impression if they don’t even give the person a chance? If I didn’t give my friend meraf a chance I probably would be missing my absolute best pal right now, or even if I didn’t give my other friend Sunday a chance because of her age or her clothes or anything silly and petty like that I would be bored most of my weekends because I would be missing her.

I believe in lots of stuff but in this I believe the most. I don’t judge because I wouldn’t want to be judged myself, and doing the right thing is important to me

I believe in not judging a book by its cover


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