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Hannah's This I Believe

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This I Believe


Depression and saddness are everywhere I go. It is with friends, family, enemies, every one will have some kind of sad story to tell. "How do they not show his depression?" They use humor to put away their fears and tears and to break out the joy and happiness in life. This is what I believe in. I believe in humor.


     Happiness is said to be the ultimate goal in life. To not be miserable, or sad is truly a gift. But happiness can't appear all by itself. No. If I ever want to get to happiness, I will have to be able to laugh and smile even in dreary situation. Thi is where humor comes into play. Cracking jokes and having fun, that's humor. So, to put it simply, humor is happiness. Humor is everything a person could ever want.  


     A week before the 4th of July, when I was 10 years old, my cat Harry died. He had been sick, and we finally had to put him to sleep. I was sleeping over at my friends Brittany's house when I got the call. I was devastated. He was only 7 years old. But Brittany's family wore away my grief and tears by being so sweet. Their well-meant cheesy jokes and humor finally got to me so that I started laughing as well. I know from expirience humor can take the tears away and put you right back on track.


     My final reason is that humor, along with grief, is everywhere. It's in the books I read, the movies I watch, even in my own home. A certain movie by the name of Dumb and Dumber never fail to make me laugh. Humor is unavoidable. All people have to do is embrace laughter, for it may help to become the person that people want to be. Humor can be a lot of things-jokes, sarcasm. It is up to me to choose what type I want to use.


     So, in the end, humor may not be what I see most in life, or what I use the most. The fact is, though, is that it's there. This is what I believe in. I believe in humor.

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