This i Believe Essay

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This I Believe Essay

I believe in friendship.My meaning of friendship is having a friend and having a relationship between each other. Some examples of friendship is having fun, having someone there for me,and hanging out together.


I believe in friendship.The first reason why i believe in friendship is because friends like having fun together.Some examples of having fun are going to the mall,going to the movies,and going shopping.I have a friend named Amy and we like to have fun times together.A couple of weeks ago Amy and I went to the movies together,and saw paranormal Activity 4.


I believe in friendship.The second aspect of friendship is having someone there for me.If i had someone there for me then i wouldn't have to hold in my anger or sadness.Also if i have someone there for me then i could tell mt problems to them.Or what i am struggling with.When i was younger i was sad about something ,and i couldn't help it.So,i had to tell someone. After i told me best friend. I was relived .and I wasn't sad anymore.


I Believe in friendship. The last was of friendship is hanging out with each other. One way of hanging out with each other is going out together.And spending time together.One of the number one thing i like to do with my friend is to hangout with them. I have a friends named Alisha,That i hung out with over the summer.We spent most of the time together at her house,and then we went to the mall,and around.


As i have noted i believe in friendship.Having a relationship between friends,having fun together, having someone there for you and hanging out together are the things I like to do most with my friend.


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