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Lillian's reflection

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                                                                                                        final reflection

                                                                                                          by: Lillian


Honestly, I loved writing all of the stories, the length of time we had was definitely enough. I did have a lot of feedback on the stories so I got them done pretty easily. I loved doing my public service announcement with jaquelin because i got to do it with a friend but we did fight about some stuff but in the end it turned out pretty well. Using the the wiki really isn't that hard except for when your trying to put on a video and adding a link but i got in to the hang of it after a while.

It was hard for me at first to write in the lit. circle the description of the story but I soon figured it out and now I know it's actually easy. It was weird writing the things we were going to do in the persuasive essay to go through all the steps that I needed to do because I have never done that until now but it was nice to try a new thing like that. It was definitely a lot easier using the thesaurus to find better words than just leaving it like a 2 year old wrote it. 

I think the wiki is so much fun to use because I can put my writing and funny videos and pictures and its really easy to use. This semester for English was really fun and I can't wait until next semester.   


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