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Paris's Final Reflection

Page history last edited by lee207 11 years, 4 months ago

     I would like to start off with saying that I don't like writing so much. But I that our topics were, original in a sence to practice writing skills. How long it took yo make it was ok for our knowledge and age. I would have liked it if my teacher gave us more examples of what to do if we have no ideas, or mess up. The time working wth others was small, but good. I like to have someone to work with most of the time because i feel im wrong!


     Now onto the wiki i feel i have a little more freedom in what i do with my assignments in this class, and when i turn them in. I didn't like how difficult it was at first, but now i've got the hang of things. There are important things i have learned to do this and last year. I used many new tequnices this year and im proud of it! One thing you should know about me is im a neat FREACK aways organized!


     Overall what im trying to say is this expierience has had its ups and downs but i made it through it all with ease.

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