Students should be able to use their cellphones in school

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A lot of students won't let the students use their cellphones in class but there could be some good reasons why they should use their cellphones. For example keeping students awake, less textbooks, and less of a distraction noise.


Students can get very tired in class and I think that's something everyone can admit. The students can fall asleep in class very easily so they need something that could help keep them awake. If they had their cellphone it would make them less bored and tired and if they aren't tired it would have a great possibility to keep them awake.


Every student in the school has to carry at least three different textbooks that can weigh a ton especially if you walk home from school. Each textbook has a website on computer that summarizes each chapter and has extra links that aren't in the textbooks. Instead of carrying all of those textbooks they could use their textbooks to help them find more information.


Many teachers would be against the idea of cellphones because they don't want the students to get too distracted or text in class. But in my opinion I think its a lot better than talking in class. It would be a lot of distractions in class because they can't listen to their conversations, less arguements being heard, and it would be more easier and faster for the students to get their work done.


So these are reasons why students should use their cellphone in class. People still might think cellphones in class is not the smartest idea but it really would help with their grades and their learning ability.



Colleen Jamnik

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