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Final Reflection (1)

Page history last edited by zulu869 10 years, 4 months ago

Jan.16, 2013 Final Reflection


So far this year in English has been interesting. I learned a lot. I learned about personal essay. It was very easy writing a personal essay, mainly because it could be about anything that has happened to you. We also got a lot of time to work on it. So I finished a lot of it in class.


We also wrote a persuasive essay. I thought writing this was easy too, because I’ve written one before. I liked that we were able to write about whatever we wanted. I thought doing this essay was fun. Since we did a lot of research on this assignment, I learned a lot about the topic I was doing. I think we had a lot of time in class to do it, and I didn’t even have to work out of school.


This year we also had to do a public service announcement. We could do it with a partner if we wanted to. That was my first time doing a public service announcement, so I learned how to do one. This was my favorite project that we’ve done so far this year. I liked the fact that we got to work with partners and make it about whatever we wanted. We had a lot of in class work time, so I finished most of mine in class.


Lastly we wrote a poem. The poem could be a Haiku, or whatever you wanted. I liked this project because I like writing poems. I also liked that we got to share our poems while we ate donuts and drank soda.


So far this year we have had a few assignments, and had a lot of time to work on them in class, which makes it a lot easier, and lets you finish faster. One thing that I don’t like about this year, is posting things on the wiki. I would rather just print it and hand it in.

The End


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